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    Changes are more likely to impact the least favored position.

    However a question need to be asked either for the better or worse? Is dota meant to be enjoyed as Competitive professional scene or casual player?
    With dota still one of the most succesful WATCHED game on Twitch, Dota 2 player base are declining.


      The only place where nobody mentions Corona


        This patch good except the increase on tp cost hurts support economy literally so hard.


          брюмаста ваще емба стал топ 2 мети даб даб я жоска да терь у миня будит 10000к!!!!!

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            Да ваще похуй Вася за эту дебильную игру!

            iDiOTA 2 ....


              90g for tp is too much they should have left in 75 max


                I wouldn't call OG back to back victories a fluke. Otherwise good article

                par73 KB24 | GTUBE

                  even though the kunkka virus has shut down the major and lead to social isolation, i feel it's done great things for dota with even more activity than usual. time to make the best of the worst

                  also it's hilarious that the cost of tp's is up in dota as much as the real world, i don't think it's an intended pun though. this has increase the value of town portal scrolls in game as well as changed it's dynamic to something more of a cool down since the price reduction not too long ago.

                  OG: how are you going to mention all of these niche 'record breaking' commendations then go out of your way to call OG's back to back wins a fluke? those wins, that team, are what they are. sure they broke trends, know that trends are not absolute. they are merely coincidence when you consider the authenticity and complexity in the game of DotA.

                  perhaps a less common thought : Luck does not exist beyond fantasy. stay woke

                  @jack it's about 5 gold less than sentry ward for every two teleport scrolls.

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                  par73 KB24 | GTUBE
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                      Not everyone understood sarcasm pepega.


                        shit game

                        unfunny retard

                          TP scrolls should be back to 135g. Whiny support players are just cringe. TPs used to be 135g. Observer wards used to not stack with sentries, and used to cost 150g for a stack of two. TP scrolls went in your inventory, and there was no backpack. Sentry wards cost 200g for a stack of two. Observer wards only gave 50g bounty, and no XP. You only got 75 gpm passive gold, and AoE gold for supports was much less.

                          Yet support was still a very fun position to play, there were always enough supports in pubs, and nobody complained. Then the whiny zoomers started to play DotA and a few years later obs wards are free, sentries are 75g, both can be bought indivdually, there's a TP scroll slot, obs and sentry wards stack and give HUGE xp and gold bounties, the AoE gold and XP is insane and there's something like 90gpm of passive gold. And all the support heroes have been buffed through the roof. Yet you still complain about 90g TPs. Yikes...

                          unfunny retard

                            I also really don't like the change to the gold bounty for wards as a support. The entire point of farm priority in the game is that my Anti-Mage uses gold more effectively than I do. That's the definition of a carry vs a support: I'm good early game, and he's good lategame, because he scales with gold better. That's why I use my gold on wards, and he uses his gold on items that make him huge.

                            I don't need the gold for the obs ward kill all the time. Sometimes I need it, and in that case I kill it. But I often used to give obs ward kills to my carry (or was given the obs ward kill by a support when I play core) and removing that from the game is really stupid.

                            aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                              @m3me_fr0g s.t.f.u noobs long essay 0 points. TP used to 500g, you are not OG enough. Get out of here.


                                Dont start it, the author didnt mentioned the absolute garbage matchmaking and the abusive players and report system.

                                THREADRIPPER 2990WX

                                  Thank you for this. You should consider making it an yearly thing. It really helped a returning player like me to catch up to the biggest changes before watching the 4 hour long podcast from Purge. I will play about 10 bot games and a lot of single draft games before jumping to all pick, so the regulars are spared from my complete lack of knowledge of the changes.


                                      aikyu3 SuBi confirmed idiot. m3me frog make valid point, the QOL changes are actually quite great so appreciate that 135 -> 50g was a big change so 50->90 shouldnt be such a big deal

                                      Sardar Alati moghadam

                                        @friendlyfire137 geez guys can you stop sucking gaben's balls?

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                                          what are you mentioning memefrog, there've been ENOUGH support player even back then?

                                          If that is truly the case, then there won't be Role Ranked right now. Not everyone as masochist as you, playing solo queue as support, spending all your hard work to aid other person who you don't even know and then getting flamed and reported instead of being appreciated for a mere 25 mmr.

                                          You are probably the luckiest person in the earth if you never meet any abusive carry flaming you every minutes when you work so ward to maintain the Obs and sentry with the meager gold you are having.


                                            TP gold increase are a bit heavy, but still manageable, now support should stop spending TPs when walking from fountain so they didn't spent too much gold on TPS and so they have their TP ready in case of the mid getting ganked.

                                            Also, try support like Spiritbreaker or NP offlane which don't need tp because it is a lot more valuable now


                                              tbh, everything changed lol