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Yami Yugi

    Rubick may not that easy to counter her, she always try to find fog to cast her ult from afar


      Nyx Assassin should be a great counter for her as well.

      Can cancel he ult with carapace and is naturally a hunting hero that can try and scout her out.

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        Jesus christ that image is horrifying

        Zorro Vendettovich

          No, do not! Hero normal.


            Silencer is a good counter. Snapfire has 4 actives, a channeling ultimate and usually doesn't build BKB or Eul's.

            Flying Fish

              How can you not mention Nyx as a counter? Carapace owns her throughout the entire game, and is by far the easiest way to stop the ult aside from a Silencer ult.


                @Yami Yugi if your idea of Rubick being a counter is based solely on his ability to steal ultimate abilities, you have the wrong mentality for the hero. I could argue you may get more value from stealing a Scatterblast or a Firesnap Cookie after Arcane Supremacy alone is taken into account. A Telekinesis into a short-ranged, zero-second cast point Scatterblast deals 548.1 damage. Accessible by level 11, this will likely deal at least 30% of a hero's maximum HP in damage at that stage in the game.


                  @miiigz Guardian Greaves is her most common purchase though which allows her to dispel a silence.


                    just pick nyx against her, she goes straight back to kitchen :p


                      Just go classic windranger with diffusal. Snap was balanced after so many nerfs to ulti and base dmg. Now she cant carry more than 1 neutral item makes her a lot squishier.

                      My Blue-Eyes!

                        @fathomorg Yeah but it still can be used after she starts the ult. Silencer definitely still needs to be good in the game for it to be a good counter but that unfortunately is the case when heroes are overpowered.


                          or just fucking volvo retards should balance their shitty game

                          Yami Yugi

                            @Fathomorg aside from her hideous playstyle, you have a point


                              I don't think she iskeen folk, she's timbersaws aunt which means she's a goblin.

                              Negro de mierda

                                My greatmother

                                Left-handed player

                                  I don't want to trashtalk your article but you basically said: she is the strongest hero in the game - try to play better, buy force staff, glimmer and pipe, pick Weaver and Void and hope you win.


                                    Not sure going void against her is a great idea, what I love when playing snapfire is an enemy hero who has to stay in one position when they ult. Legion, Pudge being prime examples, void, mars, monkey king as well. As soon as they ult I know exactly where my kisses are going.


                                      Horrible main image


                                        how dare you turn a cute dragon to spooky dragon.

                                        Tom Sawyer

                                          I disagree about Rubick. I think that even though the spells are good, Rubick needs to position himself in a pretty dangerous way in order to use them. Basically, Rubick doesnt want to be positioning himself in fights in the same way Snapfire does. Rubick will die in midgame fights if he tries to go in and use the Q, for example. The cookie is a nice steal, and the ult is good, but Snapfire can cast that from like three screens away so good luck stealing it.

                                          I think Nyx is solid. He can reliable cancel her ult and also go blow for blow at close range if he uses carapace correctly. He can also find her before the fight begins so she's useless. Void and Weaver are good suggestions though.

                                          All in all, this hero is obviously broken and overpowered if these are the best things you can do against it.

                                          Modern Apparition

                                            Just play Riki lol

                                            Smoke Feed Everyday

                                              I found out clokckwerk is good vs snap


                                                there is another way to counter it.
                                                pick it first lol