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Dotabuff Plus Presents: Hero Mastery

There's never been a better time to deep dive into your Dota performances. Develop critical insights into your strengths and weaknesses on each hero. Understand how top players perform so you can level up your own game.

In-Depth Hero Analysis

See how your performance in key metrics have changed over time and with new patches. Compare your skills to your competitive bracket and the one above.

Historical Perfomance Averages

Explore the strengths and weaknesses of how you play the hero in games of different lengths. Develop insights into how you and other players are using the hero best.

Rank Up On Your Favorite Heroes

Dotabuff Plus shows you where you stand on every hero and gives you the tools you need to improve.

Diamond Division
Win Rate
Matches Played
KDA Ratio

TrueSight Reveals Important Match Details

You've spent thousands of hours in Dota. What have you learned? TrueSight analyzes your replays so that you don't have to.

Damage and CC Breakdown

See who on your team contributed the most, and in what ways.

Damage and Healing Breakdown

Full details for every ability, including damage types and crowd control effects.

Personal Hero Rankings

Easily see where you rank on each hero and find opportunities to get ranked on new heroes.

Farm Statistics

Easy to read charts and tables tell a story about gold, experience and last hitting for each player.

Interactive Vision Map

Travel back in time revealing where wards were placed or destroyed throughout the match.

Ultimate Ability Logs

See how effective you were with key ultimates like Black Hole, or abilities like Shackleshot.

Item Build Timeline

Detailed item builds for every player in the match, showing times and grouping multiple purchases.

Gold and Experience Charts

Reveal when important heroes gained an gold or experience advantage that helped win the match.

Detailed Combat Logs

Filterable combat logs explain how different types of events affected the match outcome.

Death Map and Log

Interactive timeline shows where key deaths occured with accompanying gold statistics.

Kill and Death Economy

See how Gold changes hands from kills, assists, deaths, suicides and buybacks.

Comparative Farm Charts

Minute-by-minute comparison of last hits, gold and experience helps identify winning lanes and matchups

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