Analyzing 7.00-7.02 Top Tier MidlanersBy Skim on
Analyzing 7.00-7.02 Top Tier Midlaners

As the meta changes, so do the heroes that make it interesting. For over a year now, the meta has favored more tanky, farming-oriented heroes who specialize in physical damage.

Now, while those heroes are still somewhat viable, the meta focuses more on tempo heroes who can have more impact on early teamfights. Here are some of the top midlaners of the 7.00-7.02 era.

Charging Through the 4k Pubs—Spirit Breaker DominanceBy KawaiiSocks on
Charging Through the 4k Pubs—Spirit Breaker Dominance

The common theme for unexpected, successful heroes is that patch after patch they receive small buffs, until they get noticed by either the professional or pub scene. Spirit Breaker is another of these cases—for 10 patches in a row, the hero received nothing but buffs and has slowly climbed his way almost to the top of our tier list.

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Winners and Losers Of Patch 7.02By eggs on
Winners and Losers Of Patch 7.02

Was it a buff or a nerf when Doom exchanged his Armor talent for a Scorched Earth buff that now does Radiance levels of damage? With a little more than a week into patch 7.02, these changes have rippled throughout pubs, and we can take a look at how their effects have changed the overall win rates of heroes.

Analyzing 7.00-7.02 Top Tier OfflanersBy Skim on
Analyzing 7.00-7.02 Top Tier Offlaners

In 6.88, we analyzed top tier heroes for each position. It was the very end of the patch however and a lot of the showcased heroes were so established that it was hardly anything new for many readers.

It’s been 2 months since 7.00 was released and already have we seen two balance patches, 2 premier LAN events and several online qualifiers; enough to determine who the pros and pubs currently pick in certain positions. Today we cover the top offlaners of the current meta.

The Dangers of Introducing Your Partner To DotaBy Skim on
The Dangers of Introducing Your Partner To Dota

It’s that time of the year again, it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s the time to think of your significant other, to appreciate them. For many couples, gaming is a large part of their relationship. It’s a common passion and some have even gotten to know each other through gaming.

Some however, enjoy this gaming passion alone, though often think about sharing it with their significant other. If the significant other is not into gaming at all, some console games and light co-op games are usually a good way to get them into it--Portal 2 is often referred to in these scenarios.

When that step was successful, some think about introducing their SO’s to more in-depth games, potentially even Dota2. Is that such a good idea?

The Death of Split-PushBy KawaiiSocks on
The Death of Split-Push

More than half-a-year ago we published a series of posts dedicated to dealing with certain types of strategies in Dota. Several patches and several meta-changes later, one of them has become a lot less relevant—split-pushing as a macro strategy is dead and it doesn’t seem as if it is coming back.

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