Getting better at UnderhollowBy KawaiiSocks on

Underhollow, a game mode available to Battle Pass owners, is an interesting take on Battle Royale genre. It combines elements of Dota and games like PUBG and Fortnite to create intense 15-minute matches and was received well by the community, bar constant technical issues.

Greed Is Gone - The End Of Hand Of MidasBy eggs on

In today’s meta, Hand of Midas affords little benefit for its cost. Cores have better farming alternatives. Supports, now buffeted with XP tomes, as well as XP and Gold talents, have a bevy of old and new items for the early and mid game. Hand of Midas has since fallen out of favor and has become one of the least useful items in the game.

Highest Pick RateThis Week
Aggressive Support—Treant Protector's return to the metaBy KawaiiSocks on

Treant Protector currently sits at almost 56% win rate in the highest skill bracket, making him the most successful support after Io. The hero has been absent from competitive scene and high level pubs for a while now, but the return of dual lanes and some direct buffs made the hero a lot more viable.

Winners and Losers of Patch 7.17By KawaiiSocks on

Recent patches were considerably smaller, compared to the patches we got throughout the year, primarily focused on smoothing out the kinks in the fragile Dota balance. We can’t know for sure how it will impact the professional scene at the highest level, but the statistics from the pub games already tells a story of its own.

The Ignored Heroes Of The China SupermajorBy eggs on

105 different heroes were picked and banned over 104 games and 42 series during the China Supermajor. Even Techies was banned once. With 10 heroes completely ignored during the drafting phase, we'll take a look at how patch 7.17 addresses their faults.

Weekly Courier: Team Liquid Win The China Supermajor, Valve Releases TI8 Qualifier Information, and A Ranking Season Begins

Team Liquid win their first Major title in China, Valve announces regional qualifier teams, and a new ranked season of Dota begins.

China Supermajor RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

With the last DPC tournament concluded there are now two month until the biggest event of the season. Two months filled with qualifiers that will hopefully provide enough data to fix some apparent issues with the game before the International 2018.

Why does no one play Winter Wyvern?By KawaiiSocks on

Winter Wyvern was one of the strongest heroes ever released in Dota 2. Her ultimate used to combine the best parts of Reverse Polarity and Black Hole, without channeling, but still having an ability to disable targets who would get into the AoE after the initial cast. More than three years later, this once overpowered hero is virtually non-existent in the professional scene and is not doing too well in pubs either.

Windranger’s ReturnBy eggs on

Ever since Shackleshot became disjointable and its latch angle reduced, Windranger has struggled to stay relevant in the meta. But she’s been getting small buffs ever since 6.86, and on the main stage at the China Supermajor, we’re beginning to see the results.

Bloodseeker: Pub Star going ProBy KawaiiSocks on

Dota works in mysterious ways. Certain hero can go unnoticed by the professional teams for over a year, get talent buffs and suddenly become a viable pick, with half the players opting for the unchanged talents. Bloodseeker has always been a great pick in lower level games, dominating the sub 3k pubs, but recent trends show that the hero is gaining momentum even at the highest levels of play.

Weekly Courier: China Supermajor Kicks Off, Valve Announces New Changes To Dota Pro Circuit, Loda and Demon Retire

This week the China Supermajor kicks off, Valve announces changes to the next Dota Pro Circuit season, and two Dota vets announce their retirement.

Winners and Losers of 7.16By KawaiiSocks on

The new patch is yet to be tested in a competitive environment, but the pub stats are already telling a story. Despite a plethora of changes, the overall impact of 7.16 on the game wasn’t particularly noticeable, with a few notable exceptions. Given how most of the changes were small number tweaks, this outcome was expected and hopefully these changes will be enough to make the meta of the Supermajor significantly more diverse, compared to ESL One Birmingham.

Zeus's Latest Buff Might Push Him Into Competitive PlayBy eggs on

Zeus' dominance in pubs is undeniable, but his viability in the professional meta has been limited in comparison. His recent tweak in patch 7.16, capping off a streak of buffs since 7.00, may change that.

Should you pick Spectre?By KawaiiSocks on

Spectre is always at the top of win rate charts for pub games and her prowess doesn’t diminish even in higher level matchmaking. However any discussion of the hero soon devolves into how she is virtually untouched in the professional scene and how she might be overrated, easily countered or is an inconsistent pick.

Weekly Courier: EG Kicks Misery and Fear, Complexity Shuffles Its Roster, and Virtus.Pro Takes Home Third Title at ESL One Birmingham

Virtus.Pro takes their third ESL title, and EG and Complexity make further roster moves as we approach TI8

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