Wolves Need No Micro - Lycan's Dominance in 7.00By KawaiiSocks on
Wolves Need No Micro - Lycan's Dominance in 7.00

Lycan has gained significant momentum coming into the 7.xx era and nothing seems to be able to slow him down.

Does Windranger Need A Buff?By Skim on
Does Windranger Need A Buff?

About a year ago, Windranger was the bane of all pubs. A terrifying presence and winrate across all skillbrackets made her the persona non grata among pub players. It felt appropriate to ask the question, whether that “pub stomper” deserved a nerfor not. Icefrog did nerf her, even if it was only a slight nerf towards Shackleshot. Since that nerf, Windranger has been in steady decline and just recently she entered the “Repick” category in our 7.xx Pub Tier List with a below 44% winrate in the VeryHigh Skill bracket. As a result, today we have to ask ourselves the question: Does she deserve, or possibly need a buff?

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Talents That MatterBy eggs on
Talents That Matter

Patch 7.00 changed the landscape of hero builds with the introduction of talent trees. Replacing the attribute bonus upgrade, players now have free upgrades at levels 10, 15, 20, and 25. While the meta for talents is still being figured out, many players are gravitating towards choices that result in lower win rates. Some talents are just better than others.

New Meta: Fighting Lone DruidBy Skim on
New Meta: Fighting Lone Druid

Lone Druid hasn’t been part of the meta for the longest time now. All of this may change with a new build and approach to the hero.

7.xx Pub Tier ListBy KawaiiSocks on
7.xx Pub Tier List

It has been a month since the release of 7.00, and despite some changes introduced in 7.01, it is time for a pub tier list. Once again, we will focus solely on the “very high skill” bracket, to have a respectable sample size, while only analyzing data from games where people have a good understanding of the core mechanics and strategies.

7.00's First LAN Brings Back Iconic MidsBy Skim on
7.00's First LAN Brings Back Iconic Mids

6.88 may have entered the history books as one of the most diverse patches in Dota yet, but it still wasn't without its faults. For all the records it broke in regards to heroes picked and banned, a few iconic heroes of the game have been on the sidelines, demoted to niche picks at best.

7.00 changed the game and as a result also the meta. The recent ESL One Genting was a first glimpse at what 7.00 (or 7.01 if you will) has in store for us and the return of two iconic heroes gives hope that this patch could out-class its predecessor.

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