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          shut the fuck up


            Your TI9 predict sucks

            Hoodoo Operator.

              Seems like Lion, Shadow Shaman, Silencer and Skywrath should be good picks agains Void Spirit, with the later 2 being dealt with by the meta Eul's build. I always end up playing p5 and I don't like any of those heroes in the safe lane support role.

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                The new Silencer is probably alright as a five. Lion/SS kinda need an active or at least self-sufficient lane partner.

                ZLC Papa ZEN

                  Bane is also good vs him I have found, just hard lockdown




                      Nature's Prophet is so awkward this patch. He can be disruptive teleporting around and taking outposts, but what does he actually do besides that? Shrines already hindered his rat ability, then now outposts

                      Void Spirit is a League of Legends hero on steroids. His whole kit looks LoL as fuck.
                      Snapfire is painful to fight for certain pos 2 mids.

                      CaliPHornia Dreams

                        Nyx assassin is what I've been spamming a ton of against void spirit, he tends to build items to make his mana pool bigger and mana burn does shit tons of damage, plus vendetta + impale usually leads to a follow up from team to ez kill then just carapys after hes not stunned and he'll use some skill that will reflect him.

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                            Vp deserves another moderate nerf