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Stone Cold Steve Austin

    The RNG change.
    It's interesting BUT a bit gameplay breaking random factor.


      We diablo now


        they nerfed my boy riki so bad ;(


          Broom handle is the strongest since it gave me a trauma and anxiety. 10/10 opfrog nerf pls


            IMHO Flicker is absolutely broken. Cooldown is too short for this kind of save.

            23#Jordan MichEUL&SKADI P...

              I am playing Diablo III and i like this game since part 1, but this feauture in DOTA changed game to 0 skill but RNG to win the game on tier4-5...


                61 items now :)


                  I think it is OK that Leveller got nerfed. Was way to strong especially for range heroes. Generally the items are OK - not that super-powerful people may think and they increase team cooperation.


                    Get rid of this godforsaken thing now. Win your lane and show up to team fight. Enemy has just as good as items as you from neutrals. Horrible mechanic. Unnecessary. Get it out.


                      It kinda feels like I'm farming in a pve game when I go to the jungle now to find items haha


                        > MichEUL Jordan#23_SkadiPI...
                        how's that? I've played maybe 10 games after the patch. And not a single one of them lasted more than 40-45 mins, so I've never even seen those tier 5 items


                          Pepegs actually thinking the items are broken minus the 70+ minutes items most are fairly balanced and not game changing unless the enemy has clearly snowballed.


                            talon only after 5+ min is a joke


                              I've been playing Dota since 2005 and never stopped ,this update just ruined the game for me ,valve should listen to players feedback and i think the item drop rates from neutrals was really stupid 10% !!! thats huge the games economy is a disaster now ,the new heroes added both need nerfs specially void spirit ..
                              i think valve should consider a new team to develop and balance the game because you are already losing players and you probably will lose much more players with these lol like updates


                                When I told them to bring back jungle, I was expecting more game friendly changes that would allow some kind of flexible rotation in and out of the lane. Unfortunately or fortunately, they bring in new broken items in RNG fashion which rewards supports with the ability to jungle. A lot of good and bad here but I think hybrids benefits the most.

                                mmr terrorist

                                  random drops are fair and balanced


                                    Yes, but even if you think the items aren't broken and doesn't change the game that much. Why even put them in the game? Tier 1 is now farmed at 7 mins and they keep nerfing them. So why add items that just take up a slot just for looting? It has no reasl reason for them. I'm okay with the tier 5 items. It has purpose of "ending the game".

                                    Gachi is Manly

                                      The item really bolster the interaction between players, at least for me. The carry would give keen optic, Mango Tree, Ironwood tree to supp because it is useless for them and can't be sold, good but not broken, this is really important.

                                      Now hitter will give caster arcane ring, essence ring, or nether shawl, and vice versa according to item

                                      At first I also sceptical about the neutral item and outpost, now I like it because everyone need to share item to each other and guard an outpost and bounty near it for juicy EXP and GOLD, which is really good for supp life.

                                      Го Ебатса

                                        Dota 2 is PUBG now. Items matters - skill nope....Deleted Dota


                                          at first i see the neutral item as a joke, but i feel that it is a very refreshing new addition and make dota more fun in a certain way. and i very much agree with "you get used to 2k", neutral items encourage communications between team member