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      Wooo Second! But seriously, this changes a lot of stuff. The full notes are mind-boggling to go through...



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            fifth! i thot ns upgrade is cool!

            Derevenskiy Ka4ok

              6ой да детка


                Great post


                  Metamorphosis Movement Speed Loss increased from 25 to 30
                  While this is a buff, it also needs to be considered that illusion based heroes are nerfed overall.

                  Wait what?!


                    Not a Chen player myself, but my friend loves the combination of both his buffs and the siege creep buffs. (He loves the persuade 5 siege creeps and wreck buildings strat)




                        Ithink terroblade is nerfed -30 movement speed is definitely a nerf. which is okay the fact that tb is one of those top tier carries rite now or last patch


                          The comment about the treant nerf is incorrect: the root from nature's guise does interrupt TPs, much like overgrowth does

                          SaMBa BaBa

                            It seems to me that strength heroes favored in this patch. We will see more Sven, NightStalker, Axe, Alchemist, Bristle, Magnus, CK, DK in TI7 compared to Kiev Major.

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                              Treant and terroblade portions fixed, were from an older, 3am draft. Also fixed some othrr formating issues, sorry!


                                I dont get the nerf to naga....whyyyyyy...


                                  alchemist got nerfed again
                                  but still camps might saved him

                                  Eat Soup With A Fork

                                    the new Xp Deny is SOOO huge when it comes to support! If played correctly, I think Supports will always get lvl 20

                                    Black Capped Chickadee

                                      undying with a HOD. close to unkillable in the early game


                                        Glad for the Naga nerf, its just a played out, obnoxious hero.


                                          Not even going to mention the UAM changes? You can stack desolator with satanic now! It's a dream come true!

                                          MM.Brock Hall

                                            I think for a while Icefrog wanted to make the moment to moment gameplay a little more thoughtful, and the original jungle changes were a reflection of that. The problem was that instead of making it a more challenging feat to jungle, it became unprofitable altogether. It's a good rollback, but maybe the xp can be reduced a mite further to encourage extra ganks.

                                            As good as it is to see the jungle back, I think the further encouragement of lane mechanics is the biggest change to the game right now. The opportunity for a free farmer to gain xp just went through the roof, and denying creeps throughout the game is now a profitable strategy.

                                            Han Solo (shoots first)

                                              Great read, thanks Skim. Kunkka is a monster now at lower mmrs.


                                                Lo, what about Pugna?

                                                MM.Brock Hall


                                                  Right after the patch came out I saw a bunch of people complain about the change saying that if you can't land a ship you probably shouldn't dota. It's not that they're wrong, it's that they are missing the significance of the change, and Skim points it out perfectly.

                                                  The Glorious Goblin Lord

                                                    I wish there was a dislike option. Agree with this very subjective article or not, you have to admit it was sloppy. I've quite frankly come to expect better work from this site.


                                                      Soul Catcher in a huge AOE is such a sleeper change. You thought Fatal Bonds was bad? Prepare to die purple.

                                                      Come Dudes, Play Dotes

                                                        guys... guys... Why is no one talking about techies +250 damage talent. Please @Skim give us your analysis on this.

                                                        P.S :- Love this blog. Every time a new article comes out I let out a small squeal of joy. Keep it up my friend. Cheers!!

                                                        No Handshake

                                                          A couple of hopefully constructive remarks:
                                                          - DENY MECHANICS: you could have mentioned as well that free farming in lane is now much more efficient than before; coupled with the decreased in creep vision it creates an imperative to gank the safelaner while doing it with more positional uncertainty
                                                          - SHRINES: roaming supports and offlaners mostly suffer from this change, which makes life a bit easier for cores
                                                          - NEUTRALS: you rightly point out that stacking is back, but an immediate consequence of this plus the points above is that trilanes are back, too
                                                          - ECONOMY: the change in gold lost per death makes it so that from level 10 on you lose more gold per death than pre-7.06

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                                                            Regarding charge based abilities, doesn't Sniper's Shrapnel count as one? And wouldn't refresher refresh that as well? 14 stacks of shrapnel is somewhat comparable to an aghs blackhole IMO.

                                                            Carry ClaSS ~S~

                                                              Sven is back.. bad for spectre.. sven has burst damage.. sad


                                                                "The stats and benefits it provides outside of the disarm aren’t particularly great"

                                                                Kidding us ? Halberd is the single most powerfull item in term of defense, and that, no matter what amount of hp/armor you already have (on legit build) while being quite cheap


                                                                  Enchant 55% slow at early.. Love it

                                                                  MM.Brock Hall


                                                                    He was talking about heroes that regularly get refesher. I can't imagine that people would choose it over an extra dps item.


                                                                      that naga buff makes me feel icefrog wants OG to win TI


                                                                        Pretty sure the sniper shrapnel appears as a damaging and slow aura on enemy and it doesnt stack. Wouldnt really think he has a spot for refresher


                                                                          The memes are dead boyz...IO arcana released

                                                                          Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                                                            this post is filled with trash...1k post...also late af

                                                                            >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

                                                                              Early jungle is nerfed.

                                                                              I feel this will push roaming more which is great news.

                                                                              And MK is not nerfed in my eyes. I have been playing him. He is STRONG. Just don't play him as pos4, that role got nerfed.


                                                                                3-4k mmr analysis


                                                                                  Really, mk gives 20 armor, svens warcry gives 15, weave 32 and is it still really good carry? And u forget that ducking 4 times to attack...

                                                                                  MM.Brock Hall


                                                                                    Keep in mind that warcry persists after Sven dies and the bonus from Wukong's Command ends upon the spell ending, which can happen if MK dies or moves away from the circle. It only applies to those standing within the circle (Not positive on that point but I haven't seen anything to specify otherwise). In other words Sven has a more reliable armor buff for the team with a far greater uptime ratio.


                                                                                      One hell of an awesome patch

                                                                                      UNCLE KUSH

                                                                                        OMG FIRST THX FOR THE SUPPORT GUYZ LULZ

                                                                                        Cereal Killer

                                                                                          This patch changed the game quite a bunch. Like there is no sort of BS defense up until min 50-60 because of the respawn talent, the shrine nerf, the change in death cost and the creeps