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      Julian Loki

        great article

        sin blyadi

          I'm building a future without you in it!


            WutFace shit-queuing LUL


              6TH BOOM


                yup tinker is a very dangerous hero if allowed to farm his scyth+dagon+eteral to counter him i usually pick stunner also i would recommend going a large aoe disabler like tide/tiny as they will disrupt the combo of enemy team which will not be able to follow up atleast till BKB... a lineup of disablers + carry are really good. Silencer works really good in team fights but needs team properly synced to kill him and its not hard to counter him with blademail buff ... for all high burst dps heros with less health i will say blademail + high str i think most effective counter now that it reflects the same type damage

                白背心 重心机

                  meepo deserves a mention tho I think

                  Hank Bot

                    SHIT QUEUING?

                    Wock --> Poland

                      Lol, Storm is the ultimate tinker counter and isn't mentioned? 3k blog post confirmed


                        i dont think that antimage is a good counter against tinker
                        also where's storm

                        A. Snatcher

                          Must learn to shit queue more effectively!

                          Buttfuck Simulator



                              "shit-queuing" LUL

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                                What are the thoughts on using Centaur to counter tinker right now?


                                  Earlier tinker wasn't so popular,only good players picked him,but now every single idiot pick him,just because Dendi and Miracle played Tinker on Major.
                                  Tinker needs to nerf.


                                    Go Naga Siren
                                    Song when he is trying to escape
                                    Make Illusions (best if you have diffusal blade)
                                    Net when song is over
                                    Get the kill.

                                    Once you are level 16, a good naga should have Boots of Travel and Diffusal. Whenever you see a Tinker TPing in, counter TP in and kill him every 60 seconds (or 45 if you have Ocore) since the cooldown is so short.

                                    Storm Trooper

                                      Will like to suggest since I play tinker quite often nowadays. I like to shift queue and blink into trees for the protected vision. What do I hate? Having a NP or timbersaw as teammates -_-

                                      I'm on Arch btw

                                        I think Puck really deserved at least an honorable mention for countering Tinker. The phase shift blocks missiles super easily, the orb can position you on top of him easily (for example, when he's split pushing and blinking into trees), the silence is super useful in team fights, and the ult can mini-stun his TP's and spells.


                                          Storm is tinker ultimate counter, why hes not even mentioned, Ball lightning into the trees + second skill = dead tinker


                                            Spelling error in the lifestealer paragraph. Quite a funny one.

                                            you said Shit-queuing instead of shift-queuing


                                              When I write, however, more often than not, I use the same sentence over an over again.|
                                              more often than not

                                              Eliof Astora

                                                Its just players picking heroes they like.. Tinker was always been like that and yes the pick rate goes high whenever someone gets impressed and they try to do it themselves. It spreads rapidly and people would eventually just find a way out of it.

                                                Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                                  agree with storm being tinkers ultimate obvious really

                                                  one other problem with the article is it suggesting manta or bkb to counter glimpse....what about euls?? how can you even suggest manta for tinker? bkb is still understandable


                                                    I played Meepo a couple days ago and absolutely destroyed a tinker... he decided not to burst combo me at all, he maxed a Dagon before scythe, and he made his push rotations so predictable that I could wait in the trees and blink on him right as he tp-ed in... That game went on for 75 minutes thanks to a Lich with shadow blade and scepter :v

                                                    Ghost payter

                                                      ty for answering my question i commented on your last post .. SeemsGood


                                                        you wrote shit-queuing in the lifestealer section instead of what i think you meant to write


                                                          Tinker + Kunkka = new Arc Warden. X mark, tp in, hit tower with divine, x back, repeat


                                                            same to earth spirit, even if he need high skill to be played effectively, he should be nerf..


                                                              eul doesn't counter glimpse. glimpse moves cycloned and even hidden targets (disrupted/astral imprisoned), but not invulnerable.


                                                                NO don't bring attention to tinker pls i'm playing dota for this guy right now :/


                                                                  I don't know if this is a typo or not but isn't the 0.75s cooldown a fade time for Bounty Hunter's E? I thought Blink Dagger had a 12s cooldown.

                                                                  "Having a 0.75 cooldown on Blink Dagger"


                                                                    PLS NO ! storm,huskar stayed strong for years. One noticable patch and they got dumpstred. Tinker was like this since it has been created. I hate these people's buff nerf comprehensions. 10 ms buff = hero is imba, hero gets 5 less agi at lvl 25 = trash. Pls dont waste this hero


                                                                      @Ljubov rearmed blink dagger

                                                                      New Genesis

                                                                        how could u do this to me.

                                                                        Mina Inverse

                                                                          I used to pick Silencer against Tinker. I found out the hard way that silence doesn't stop Tink from using E-blade, dagon and Blink. Now, I see a tinker on enemy team I pick Omniknight. Repel and everything becomes better.


                                                                            @Loki except a tinker who cooperates with their team would know to build a scythe of vyse instead of eblade+dagon (unless it's a retarded stomp), personally i feel eblade dagon falls off compared to other useful items you can have on your team but it all depends on the lineups you have or play against

                                                                            Alice Margatroid

                                                                              this is bad article, AM can't counter tinker, AM only counter tinker in the late game only

                                                                              not to mention storm and spectre, obviously, storm can counter tinker so hard, with ball lightning

                                                                              spectre is also able to focus tinker with her haunt

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                                                                                Useless point of view from this kawaiisocks. All hero can counter tinker kiddo. Infact hes too easy to kite at very high skill games. Tinker never a nightmare at high level games.


                                                                                  Fuck tinker is so annoying, insanely hard to kill with his blink.

                                                                                  it is whatever

                                                                                    storm ?


                                                                                      5 laners at mid lane as counter tinker - puck, storm spirit, templar assassin, qop( dodge missile with blink ) , and mirana (can dodge Heat-Seeking Missile with leap, not to mention arrow r easy while channeling)

                                                                                      Sei la

                                                                                        How the fuck nobody is talking about clock a tinker counter?!

                                                                                        Clock, S.Breaker, Nyx, Night Stalker


                                                                                          clockwerk man.. is good for dealing tinker


                                                                                            didnt read topic,only sound very bad tinker counter,only at late game ,and maybe not at all..becourse am is kinda shit hero right now,need 30 min farm when he can do something at teamfights without just feedin there..maybe at 40-50 min am is good vs tinker but you never know what is gold income rest of players in game ,you can kill tinker with am with focusing only at him,but then u get killed by others? ..sooo,i think voidless face is good tinker counter ,you can timewalk after him to trees,also you can ulti him anytime...

                                                                                            Mr. Swag

                                                                                              Huskar, ez


                                                                                                Even though Storm counters Tinker with ball lightning, Tinker crushes Storm in lane in a 1v1 matchup.


                                                                                                  If there is a storm on enemy team buy eul


                                                                                                    I think the very best way to deal with tinker is a Storm Spirit with Orquid. Just zip, orquid, ownage.