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Sygma.Pride ~

    My browser is asking me to confirm im over 18 to see your last match.

    PS: Please stop violence against newbies.

    Jahseh Obama

      Looks like a close game, but the morph had to probably be a priority in fights and the game just went in their favor in the end


        Picked Viper. Disgusting.


          Turbo - Normal Skill - FeelsWeirdMan
          Last normal game: TB with horrible KDA and carried by Sniper and your supports


            Solid win against good opponents. Solid kill participation.

            Awful GPM, last hits and denies - especially in a lane vs a solo dark seer, no denies to stop him farming.
            That game looks to me as though there would have been plenty of opportunity to farm empty lanes or jungle too.


              Necro pick = Auto win
              Nice kda
              Pos1 ez life


                Turbo game...
                Last normal game: Clockwerk and a horrible kill participation


                  ^ im glad u took this Game,
                  But If a pos 1 troll is feeding on purpose and don’t communicate when asking him to stop this .. there is not really to do something ;) just watch the stats
                  And btw Turbo to push battlepass

                  Anyways nice overall stats wish I had 1 in friendlist like you xD


                    you did pretty good in this game.
                    though, you probably should picked up ghost scepter or forcestaff instead of aeon if you intend to survive if riki is targeting you. imo aeon is a pretty bad item especially if youre still inside smokescreen anyway. and maybe you should pick up aether since the enemy have a really good teamfighting ability, your job is to keep your teammates alive so you should cast you spell from save distance


                      In your repeated efforts to shut down Arc Warden, you left Drow to her own devices and were duly rewarded by getting smacked around


                        Nice riki counter to both range carries. Roaming riki would have put alot of pressure on these 2 range heroes. Dont really agree with the vanguard pickup. Bkb is better with drow imho.


                          Last normal game: TB with horrible KDA and carried by Sniper and your supports

                          16k building damage and ur called me carried lmao

                          ^^^^^^^15-1, nice wind game. Why would you build treads though?


                            Yep I called u carried since u had half the hero damage your cm had und u had by far the most deaths and seemingly no teamfight contribution.

                            Your last game: Good teamfight contribution, high assists and kills, not many deaths. Overall a good spectre u played there.

                            Jahseh Obama

                              Gj as a pos 5(?) pheonix. Game lasted long and it looks like AM never had any impact. And that tidehunter somehow went sicko mode and owned. Good win from the support position


                                No idea!
                                Good team?


                                  Are u posting here so we can talk bout ur retarded item build on nyx?
                                  You're horrible

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                                  cic mile

                                    Lotus Orb in that game ? LOL man no wonder you are Divine trash

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                                      Eat shit u kno
                                      Nice insight u animal


                                        To your previous question: Sorry, but yes.

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                                        Jack Attack

                                          Mr dash (-) guy. You seem to be the last reply to not have your game analyzed, and truthfully I dont even know what to say about your last draft. It actually hurts to look at and I'm sorry you have to abandon mid vs silencer. You guys really just lost at drafting stage. And pudge is auto lose pick for your teammate.


                                            44 - 44 gg


                                              Not sure why u went for meme-hammer on Grimstroke but still a good Grim game with high impact


                                                Rly Dude Midas in Turbo?!


                                                  Easy Morp game for you, Drow ruined his team.


                                                    Game was good. Your team snowballed hard because youre all mid game heroes, and you all won your lane so gg nice game.


                                                      You guys hanged in there and won a game just because they decided to throw. Pa built is quiet questionable. What happend to your items 51mins game?


                                                        Pa and qop were supports believe it or not hahahaha. I honestly dont know we were always getting dumpstered by enemy cores


                                                          How did you dead 11 man ? Haha, but seem like your Juggernaut is so damn good.


                                                            Народ, кому не сложно, киньте номер матча интересного момента который у вас был в доте.

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                                                              Hero 2

                                                                U farmed too much not enough objectives, split push more, deso is a bad choice, go for aghs instead

                                                                THE CYBERBULLY

                                                                  Nice team lineup. enuf disable for ursa to shine.

                                                                  Flayn the Fish Queen

                                                                    total stomp. thank you for owning a techies mate.


                                                                      Insightful item build.
                                                                      Prob your team could have helped you a bit better.

                                                                      Well played winning thT 52min battle.


                                                                        Low prio game, feelsbadman losing when an enemy has someone who abandoned

                                                                        Jack Attack

                                                                          Looking at your lineup the enemy clearly did something wrong because you guys stomped them they had the lanes to roll over you. But didnt. Kinda confused as to how your lanes went without true sight but you made it work evidently. Regular item build for axe with good kda.


                                                                            I think you could do better than a draw in laning phase yet I see void did not really win the match for them. I think you were simply outdrafted. Enemy has so much utility with doom, brew and ww.

                                                                            NpR FANGAY SOCIAL CLUB

                                                                              Faramir 4818014938 Drow:

                                                                              get owned by mid bloodseeker and roam furion~~ quite sad & bad.~
                                                                              Your support clockwerk is quite~~ feeding...

                                                                              Trying hard more next time =D~~

                                                                              Flayn the Fish Queen

                                                                                channeled your inner alliance rat game. rough game and rarely helped out in fights but worked out very well in the end,


                                                                                  You killed way too few creeps for a 1 hour game. Dagger would have been a good choice after the vlads. Besides that well done.


                                                                                    fck all of em


                                                                                      carried by a techies


                                                                                        rip ded thread

                                                                                        FORTNITE IS DEAD

                                                                                          ez stomp on snowballed mid willow
                                                                                          please ignore last enigma game - random brood first pick

                                                                                          Jahseh Obama

                                                                                            Close game it seems buuuut it looks like their team won the crucial fights at the end. Better luck next time.

                                                                                            Real Mem

                                                                                              Lower tower damage than lina is a yikes


                                                                                                you just got run over by an invoker and drow, feelsbadman

                                                                                                Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day

                                                                                                  Won all lanes so easy stomp.

                                                                                                  Jahseh Obama

                                                                                                    Looked like a messy game, by that I mean you guys won but not really a stomp. Radiance wk is good and you had good spells on your side so gg


                                                                                                      4 of the enemy buy aghs, poor sniper