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    Support BH but highest net worth lmao

    Rylai Reid

      Really tough huskar game pick-wise. Your team should've punished the enemy greed from minute 1. Looks like your beastmaster let you down a bit.


        ^Tbh I was trying to hold off on playing a game until someone watched my Alch game because I’m vain like that

        Rylai Reid

          ^Well that game just looks like a stomp. tinker looks like he got thoroughly buttsexed by the silencer which im guessing led to space for you. either that or you went mid against tinker in which case, he cant really pressure you as long as you buy consumables


            Not too much to say, you just crushed them and did almost 50% of the damage of your whole team. Sven had a higher GPM but didn't do much.


              Good drow strat, mkb first item?. Enemy got alot of aoe damage i think bkb is better or some escape item rather than linken, im imagining your team get called by axe with all those atrack speed. All your team is squishy , only one force staff to get out of fight.


                As a bounty hunter, you did well on roaming around and helping on kills having more than 50% kill participation. Your item build was wise as well having pipe against magic burst enemy heroes and solar crest for both offensive and defensive use. You pretty much destroyed your opponent with your carry, WP.


                  U died way to often in this game, it also could be a lose for u ;)
                  seems like u snowballed them hard .. dont gave them space to do anything

                  if u want i can coach u


                    Well done with the ww supporting. The high assist tells me you were around in many team fights and did very well. Wp keep it up!

                    They need us

                      The enemies have Maiden, and Orge. Hard disable, they easy follow up to kill your team. No wonder why Lion feed.


                        Spamming OD in turbo matches, feelsweirdman.


                          You were listed as a core safelane CM, because of how you built. That says enough.
                          That triple bracer would’ve been better off for a glimmer, rather than a 30 min BKB when game is all but lost


                            You lost your lane hard and I can see why... you had no synergy with your safelane support ... NONE of your teammates had a synergy with pugna >.<
                            And I guess you just went for the splitpush DK since u had no herodmg, close to no kill participation and a lot of deaths.


                              Tiny and Invoker stomped the game really hard, it was a walk for you


                                skip me

                                I have to clarify something: I was a support Drow with sniper as my carry and tiny was the offlaner :troll:

                                ShotGun Monke

                                  Nothing to say here actually.Your luna did excellent but they had better late game compared to your team.Plus they have a filthy techies picker .I feel sorry for u bro
                                  BUmpity bump also

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                                  Dylaan Moe T. Tiko

                                    All their heroes are food for your cores. Ez stomp especially with a huskar. Game was decided from the draft basically. Gg


                                      Well... the enemy rolled over you :/


                                        was riki pos 5? why do you have more farm then him as a warlock?

                                        game was pretty close. warlock with ags refresher is strong and probabaly carried late.


                                          Stomp, carried by 2 cores.

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                                            Playing every game on different hero, awesome. And i realy like this new clinkz build with aghs. So much demage for cheap art.

                                            rank 500 from walmart

                                              this thread is still alive waow

                                              ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌

                                                Quite a solid performance for such rank, great KDA. OOV on 32 min tho 🤔


                                                  Got carried hard by Mars and BH, made bf instead of maelsorm, didn't go utility when your team had insane dmg already.


                                                    nice pos 4. but you died a lot.

                                                    @Gym 5 days Rest 2 days - your mother got carried, I got mvp for that match. if anything I carried that fucking thing.


                                                      Tinker did some lifting there, nice atos on warlock.


                                                        176 page ahahahaha


                                                          47min game.
                                                          You farmed so much your team had to win The game for ya.

                                                          rank 500 from walmart

                                                            very manly 0 death bh game, absolute russian LULfest

                                                            im really mad guys tell me how i couldve won the ember game by myself?

                                                            i couldve coordinated more smokes and bought wards myself but i think that was it.

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                                                              useless daedalus and useless bkb. couldve bought radiance which is very good vs meepo and manta/euls to kite him and remnant back (pretty hard to time the net when ember is spamming return to remnant) also you probably picked ember into meepo trying to counter pickhim, but ember is bad against meepo

                                                              rank 500 from walmart

                                                                noted, thanks for the advice. could you explain why radiance is good vs meepo? i was confident that i could win vs the meepo and i feel like if i itemized and played a little better the game wouldve been less of a shitshow.


                                                                  skip me
                                                                  @Never give up... Radiance because of the miss chance for all their cores (and meepo in particular), easy farming when u have manta aswell (split push possibility with radiance/manta, u can kill the eidolons easier) and u still get +65 damage with the item.
                                                                  But I disagree with raymen on the bkb... cause u really need it against riki cloud - manta/euls doesn't help u there, when riki gets the -8sec cd talent for smoke cloud.

                                                                  Life is a Mystery

                                                                    @GhostDE congrats on your victory using warlock.
                                                                    But what I feel is based on their picks technically dire should have won that game.but yeah the Riki in your team was bad ,u had more farm than him.

                                                                    Lol that clinkz he went for linkens instead of going BKB , dire had dazzle sky witch doctor so BKB is an essential item for this game. I feel riki and clinkz got carried by rest of 3


                                                                      @nikkson i think not, i disagree that game was so hard they got us early to mid game but they can`t finish the game and we have lockdown and they don`t have. highest damage on my team and highest damage on building. and thanks btw i`m looking for improvement.

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                                                                        say it


                                                                          Team you faced was terrible, urss prob smurfing


                                                                            Ez PZ stomp, well done you will reach ancient in no time

                                                                            THE DOG

                                                                              your team stomped all lanes, hence your item builds. gg


                                                                                u lost midlane as huskar what..


                                                                                  U withdraw the no brainer enchant what ..


                                                                                    A well played NS game where your team apparently relyed in roaming prowness and they coudlnt ha dle it.

                                                                                    I bet you and tiny had a blast


                                                                                      Stomped a silencer-Anti-Mage lane so hard and snowballed from there. Lead the game in damage with 19.7k (roughly 6k more than the next highest player in the game) as Skywrath Mage -- a very strong hero for the current meta. I admire the selfless veil pick up to amp your entire team's damage instead of solely your own; it likely opened OD to drop some wicked hammers.


                                                                                        Tough lane against a Medusa... how your safe lane (spectre/warlock) lost against bara/cm is beyond me.


                                                                                          A very harsh riki game, riki as The only support very often wont work.

                                                                                          You found some farm tho despite beeing from behind all The time.

                                                                                          Xp wise was not supercool tho, try find some Xp while roaming around (i have a Hard time doing this myself as well tho)

                                                                                          ufo porno!

                                                                                            cant really say anything. snowball is a snowball, free win, i wonder why dota has thrown that magnus in this game, he's so bad.//

                                                                                            your winrate on skymage is impressive. keep it up, i guess?


                                                                                              Roam pos 5 Kunkka and a mid(?) AA. That's some Megamind levels of meta. No idea how you've managed to tame that Naga, but it seems like the game was lots of fun. You should've gone blink at some point tho, seeing as the game was 60 mins long you've had time to get it.


                                                                                                Support 5 venon. Good job!


                                                                                                  Stomped bcause no synergy with lycan+huskar and, especially, lost lane to a hero that u are counter.

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