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    ^ why you smurfing. another easy stomp well done


      One of those games which nobody knows wtf is going on. Meepo should've stomped this game. He is just bad i guess. The sky is a beast tho. U did just fine, not good not terrible.

      Dylaan Moe T. Tiko

        Your back must’ve hurt from carrying that AM. At least he did some building damage but damn did he die a lot.

        Don’t rate the turbos :)

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          Necro drew mid vs pudge = pudge win. Bad dual lanes, gg jugger + dk aha. Itemization ok, but for a NORMAL MATCH (not turbo...) and u and ur dk drew a lane vs a solo bh. So... u lost. Your opponents have 2x your team net. Sad xD.

          Uncle Jemima

            Skadi Jugg ftw, big farm off the biggest creep - Timbersaw


              archon scrub won mid and managed to carry game after


                archon scrub lost mid but won because tinker


                  Carrying the whole team with meepo. No meepo = get rekt with long ass sniper's weapon.


                    A Underlord who hits buildings very nice! Overall well done.

                    Dylaan Moe T. Tiko

                      You should have dumpstered lane if you skilled correctly. What is specter and AA gonna do if you get near them with rot and run them down, and offset the health loss with higher flesh heap. Instead you maxed hook for some reason. You could have shat on them midgane but you lost that spike I guess


                        Solo carrying the game with most hero damage as an ogre(beside invoker and AM, expecting much more items than that but with only hex and ethereal this is quite impressive. Maybe if u keep ur midas a little longer u would have better item :D


                          Ratting done pretty well!


                            Aghs that game would have been killer on treant, you have alch too!


                              What can i say perfect game 50 min 8 slotted tinker 25-5 utility tinker 75kdmg and with specter hunt vision/dmg own the game for sure

                              Are you abusing the new mmr system??? Winstreak afterwinstreak good sight to see and super unrealistic
                              ths thread never die


                                Even though 2nd lowest net worth but he often roaming and helping to secure and gank enemy.


                                  I love that the heroes you play all have the same color palette, and im surprised how well you do with them!

                                  They need us

                                    I like the way you bought 2 Chainmain on Legion. Pretty decent armour for early game :D

                                    M. Asbaat (Popo)

                                      nice GPM on OD!


                                        That some high-class tiny user over there. Going crystalys+echo sabre to compensate his lack of agility is quite the wise build for tiny hitter.


                                          I usually go force/glimmer/ghost when I play support necro but gj you won against such high damage with no real escape item

                                          My only complaint is that you didn't upgrade stick, but you won anyways


                                            you make your agha last but still get 100k damage, nice

                                            Tenshi Yurippe

                                              i see that you maxed telekinesis as a support rubick. maybe you can consider 1-3-1 skill build against squishy heroes, it maximizes damage and arcane supremacy actually extends telekinesis lift duration. good luck!


                                                Midas magi is really a thing now ? me tank me ogre


                                                  Hard game vs a arc spammer. You did what you could. But still lost. Gl text!


                                                    Helped carry alongside spectre. Looks like Gyro was the only thing able to put up a fight. I’ve seen invoker run safelane a few times in my time playing Dota and it has without fail done absolutely terrible every time - looks like we are in the retarded “I saw them do it at TI” stage of pubs.


                                                      I'd like to commend your itemization of BM before blink(I'm looking at your LC Single draft game not your turbo Sky)

                                                      Dylaan Moe T. Tiko

                                                        Other than the support invoker which could get jumped easily you had little to no hard lockdown. So it’s good you adjusted and got a hex and you won cause of your flexible itemisatiom I guess


                                                          I think that is one of the few games where you can profit from taking the extra Alacrity damage/attack speed instead of cataclysm, but since you have RP both are valid options. 44 Assists is very good though


                                                            Very tough game. I personally would've gone crest + refresh over carry items, just because sniper is already an insanely good damage source and omni can easily peel their heroes off of him

                                                            Pretty tough to win any 4v5, especially when it's a core that ditches


                                                              There isn't much to say in my knowledge but I really liked the support weaver. It gets annoying.


                                                                Good carry contribute most damage, even though you lost, you at least learn something new.

                                                                George Soros

                                                                  I think your draft was a little bit greedy since you need to flash farm with IO to get the aghs + lvl 15 power spike. Nice game thou.


                                                                    Very chill Clinkz game over there. However i noticed his Wraith King seems to fed your ally alchemist too much with WK's skeletons. Remember this, when your enemy pick alche, dont pick any hero who has ability to summon many units.

                                                                    Also congratulations for being the most kills in your match


                                                                      Gotta bump because i need feedback XD


                                                                        Picking a support Zeus against an ember and weaver is really really bad. Only lock down being tiny and SB stuns meant they should have punished you/would have if it were a higher skill game through split push and escaping fights. You’re just lucky their CK had a terrible game and your PL had a good one.


                                                                          I understand what you're getting at with pipe, but I think you'd be better off with drum/hotd/deso or other carry items like this.

                                                                          You definitely needed to close the game out fast, once it dragged on like this it becomes very difficult to win. Maybe if pudge had gone rad blademail he could've carried himself.

                                                                          Your damage is great but I don't think it's possible to win this without some kind of pike mkb right click build. The early pipe pickup kinda forced you to itemize exactly how you did. Unfortunately your team is a little low on physical damage despite snowballing


                                                                            Just solid performance man good itemization based on match ups can see there’s some though put into it although the lineups you face are pretty weird tbh no solid carries

                                                                            Dylaan Moe T. Tiko

                                                                              Meepo main doing meepo things I guess do you still need a review? Wouldn’t want to be on the other team that’s for sure and get meepoed


                                                                                Best IO player.

                                                                                BS ARCH.Zictive

                                                                                  OD spam seems legit


                                                                                    Decent AA wr must be good supporting. Why not play rank?


                                                                                      Lina stomp! my boy!!111


                                                                                        impressive, you carried 80min game as pos4


                                                                                          You really limited your deaths, but I feel your itemization choices could’ve been better.midas, Radiance into solar crest was fine, but maelstrom might’ve been better off a basher or deso. Also, your team seriously lacked pushing.


                                                                                            thats a general stomp, with a blademail and 20 min radiance? damn thats some fast farm


                                                                                              Only 4 deaths as antimage vs THAT much control(4 hexes)? You are a very good player my friend, 9 out of 10 3k mmr antimages would throw that game for sure. Sad that this horrible timber still got his +mmr.


                                                                                                Such a godly spec fams


                                                                                                  you stacked vs lower players
                                                                                                  (too) easy game


                                                                                                    you die to much

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