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    Good article!


      Slight oopsie in this part of the article I think, it reads the former twice: "The former is unsurprisingly OP with a 59.5% win rate, while the former is ahead of Mage Slayer by 0.10% this month."


        Thx, fixed!


          It doesnt do anything exeptionally good, hence its a garbage item. If u want magic resist, get a hood for 1500 gold less. If u want damage get a diffu wich has an active and manaburn or a deso that lowers armor . Its just not good enough for anything , there are better items for everything it does. Nobody would even notice it being removed from the game

          Zeta Sage 

            Mage Slayer Ember Spirit!


              One of the things I like about the mage slayer is that it has a recipe with an incredible value despite its atrocious build-up. 400 gold is what combines the components, grants an extra 10 agility, 5% magic resistance, and grants the attack modifying passive. A notable hero to take advantage of this in my opinion is Riki. Having both an S&Y and a Mage Slayer in some games can make you a hard-hitting and mobile frontline menace that can freely initiate on almost any hero in the mid-game when you're relatively the strongest.

              One thing I wish this article would also discuss: heroes that would ideally pick up this item.
              Certain heroes like Ember Spirit, Void Spirit, Puck, Mars, and Medusa all have some means to distribute their attack modifiers to multiple targets (albeit Medusa needs to be level 25 and usually wouldn't want to be caught with a mage slayer at that point). Whereas a pipe aura offers 10% magic damage resistance, imagine hitting 3-5 heroes with sleight of fist and protecting your team from almost a third of the enemy team's spell damage (I know with the pipe it's the active that provides more value, but mage slayer protects against physical and pure damage sources as well provided they're spells).

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                I think Axe should be one of the main heroes mage slayer is purchased against, as he forces enemies to attack him in order to deal damage.


                  I agree that on paper Leshrac and Necro, who deal constant or sustained AoE magic damage in team fights are arguably the best targets for a mage slayer. The funny thing about using it on other mid or support nukers is if you jump them as a carry none of them will try to burst you down with spells anyway but instead use escape abilitiesor disables, and that's where the item loses its value.

                  Abyssal D2

                    Which one is worse? This or Yasha and Kaya?


                      Yasha and kaya is good

                      Mungo Time

                        Suggestion for the item.

                        Either make it toggleable like treads


                        the build up should be blade of alacrity/ogre axe/staff of wizadry.

                        Opens the item to all heroes.


                          Oooh, I like you ^


                            The way i see it, mageslayer is like hood with more offensive capabilities. perfect for agi carries bcs they suffer the most from magic damage.

                            suggestion for the item : change the passive to "when you get hit with spells (not right click) debuffs the caster of the spell for negative x percent of spell damage"
                            this way, the item functions more like a hood that protects the main hero while providing much better teamfight contribution without having to right click the enemy.


                              I think it's decent on monkey king


                                Completely shutdown heroes like BB and Timber, and also hurts Spec to some degree. Axe is already bad, and this item is really a nail in the coffin. Support Hoodwinks have been using this item, but very few supports are able to farm or effectively use the stats from this item.


                                  I remember before 7.07, silver edge used to be able to reduce the damage output of heroes by 50%. Then all of a sudden, that debuff was removed as developers realized that it was too op. Now developers are realizing that heroes like BB which relies so heavily on damage by quil stacks and the fact that silver edge only lasts for 4 secs, while mage slayer can continually keep the debuff on BB, and a sniper can easily man up against BB with that item, it is inevitable that changes will come soon for this situationally broken item.


                                    Illusions should apply the debuff, that would make this item relevent.


                                      It's absolutely inappropriate for the Mage Slayer to be togglable, it is meant to be with the Agility component, bit of magic resist, bit of armor, that's the nature of it, that's how it has to be.


                                        i've been building this whenever i'm against the heroes listed and i built it as a meme item on lycan first item, it's really good :)


                                          1. The components are too expensive to be an item for supports.
                                          2. Not a farming item. Even the AS is meh, to be a 1st item.
                                          3. Does not help you escape ganks compare to shadow blade which is cheaper and more AS.
                                          4. The stats are not that good except (more damage) to Agi Heroes.
                                          5. Does not help you against disables to be a 2nd/3rd item like BKB or Manta.
                                          6. Does not work with your illusions.
                                          7. Enemy spells could kill/disable you before you can apply the debuff to them. It's even more problematic since agi heroes mostly have low HP.
                                          8. The debuff is dispellable.
                                          9. It is a single target defensive debuff.

                                          My Suggestion:
                                          1. Give it an Active. A Chain Lightning that applies its debuff and deals damage to illusions.
                                          2. Replace recipe with Morbid Mask (lifesteal) to make it somewhat worth it for a late-game item choice for cores.

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                                            It needs an active to make it worth buying and 750 gold cheaper.


                                              Mage Slayer should get a similar treatment like Meteor Hammer. The current buildup is absolutely weird. I could see some agility heroes use this against certain matchups, BUT 3250 gold for that kind of stats/effect is super crap.

                                              Diffusal cost 3150 can dish out a good amount of damage while burning mana. Hood Defiance costs over 50% less than Mage Slayer and provides much value.
                                              u/Firewall above already stated the problems. This item either gets an ultra rework or is completely removed from the game.

                                              If Mage Slayer build toward carry/hitter hero, then it should be having Hood + Falcon Blade + X + Recipe component. Falcon Blade makes much more sense rather than clunky Blade Alacrity + Claymore.


                                                Mage Slayer is way better than I thought. I assumed it was garbage because I tried to buy it against Zeus (where it isn't good).

                                                vice city

                                                  the thing with this item is it falls short compared to other indirect alternatives. generally the offlaner is the preference to carry this with a weird recipe like that.

                                                  the debuff is very enticing, but thats it. lackluster damage which most offlanes today doesnt even need, it has no more upgrades, so it gets stuck in your inventory as kind of a one dimensional item, it doesnt help you get your own power spike because it debuffs an enemy, and lets not forget you have to actually touch the enemy in order for it to get applied, which is a big deal because most offlaners will be melee, some will be buying blink daggers to jump on somebody that doesnt need mage slaying. so compared to buying a hood of defiance which gives you resistance plus hp regen which can be further upgraded for a team-wide magic resistance pipe or further boost it into shroud, the mage slayer simply becomes a shadow of an item.

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                                                    There's too much problematic with stats and gold for Mage Slayer. I think Icefrog can make the item "targetable" to debuff someone while remove the passive to make the item more playable. Or maybe make it 'Shareable' so Carry can give it to support when they have no slot anymore.


                                                      The item should have an active similar to Medallion - allowing you to buff your carries or debuff your opponents. extra magic damage output / reduced magical damage received. and vice versa. receipe in general needs a rework anyway - but at least as an active it's viable.
                                                      buy yeah, everything everyone said - it's garbage cuz they're items that do the job it's trying to do better.

                                                      ThaddeusChaddeus Bapaslap...

                                                        Good article! :)

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