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Monke Supremacy

    Nice reading material. You could add some easy pos 5 heroes for newcomer to play with though. Perhaps mention CM, disruptor, or lich?

    A Gape Horn Actor

      Dont mention the pos 5 roaming pudge.

      Nuclear Nadal

        For me warding is not only for providing vision but more importantly, to create paths to where (I want) the game flows through the map. Most carries don't understand this and keep shouting wards, wards, and wards. Placing wards needs a lot of consideration. Is it safe to place there now? Will that be dewarded very soon? Will it give a significant impact towards the pushing patterns we are currently on?
        A good support knows where and WHEN to place wards.
        A good carry knows WHY wards are placed there.

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          Good points and I imagine the mechanics of stacking & pulling we're mentioned in an earlier blog, but JIC, I find success as a hard support when I'm watching the clock. Spend the first :40 harassing and zoning the enemy out of lane, then stack at :53. Protect the stack and ward/deward as needed. Then around 1:07 decide if a pull is needed, if so 1:13 I'm pulling. If not I rejoin the carry and continue to harass and zone. Rinse and repeat this "schedule" as much as possible.


            One of the hardest thing as support can get is accepting you will have low Net worth score and having less fun for the other 3 (if not 4) other player.


              ^^I agree position 5 support is not fun at all , but several pos 4 heroes are the most fun to play heroes in all of dota .

              No friend to play dota sadge

                Pos 5 Hard Support should be removed in lower bracket, so there are two pos 4 and three pos 3 because no one is good enough to be fully supported and good enough to actually play like a pos 5.

                From my experience smurfing as hard support on Archon and lower, it is so stressful because not only the carry and midlaner sucks, their decision making is really terrible for only and only on Hard Support (constantly farming all the time, sometimes so far without vision, not helping back to turn around a fight when a Hard Support rescued them, asking to plant ward on a bad part of the map).

                Keep in mind that even I had a hard time supporting these carry, let alone those on lower bracket who picked hard sup.

                Ranting aside, Pos 5 heroes that suited newbies would be hero that is strong in lane and had no weird mechanics like :
                Warlock, Shadow Shaman, Snapfire, Veno, Skywrath, and Earthshaker, these heroes have very good damage output or stuns that can let you do a turnaround in a fight even with little to almost no items.

                Once you get used to them, you should start using heroes that need game sense to play like Bane, Disruptor, Grimstroke


                  One thing about support role I dislike right now is that there are many heroes in the meta, who can jump supports - I prefer to play supports when the meta is a bit more focusing on heroes like Terror, Luna, Alch, Gyro, Spectre, medusa, who come online much later.

                  Now it is slark, ursa, Lycan, Jugg, MK, who just jumps on you with their first item and you are pretty much dead.

                  That is just annoying, as my primary support heroes are SD (needs a target, who is farmed and can selfharm), WD (who just likes prolonged fights) and Silencer, who dont have any save/escape for himself.


                    Your TI9 predict sucks


                      When i plan to place wards, ill NEVER place them on those columns that shows the ward place.
                      Cause they will soon or semi late dewarded.
                      Ill place them in those cordinations where the enemy will never understand their place.
                      Yes, surly those spots where the columns show the ward place is the best to provide a much and better vision, but atleast last longer than them!
                      You know, smart! Is my key.
                      They will never expect :)))

                      forced 50%

                        Pos 5 = free mmr in trench. And let those “carries” think that they are carrying:)


                          how is pos 5 borings? you literally dictate how the game will be played on the first 5 mins if u win ur safe lane or not. and u get u use ur moves a lot and do a lot of dmg early.


                            I love playing pos 5 sup, but most thing you earn in the game is: blame, For everything!
                            You can buy 20 wards, it will always be too little.
                            You are always the feeder (while saving ur carries ass) and the noob because you have little kills,
                            There is actually no fun in playing support especially with people who play Mr. Invincable, dive tier 2, die there and ping/blame you cuz you didn't join and feed with him.
                            Even whn you tell them you are stacking and pulling, they still push the tower and wonder why you are not there....
                            Problems are the carries not the sups!


                              Position 5 can be extremely interesting if you know how to enjoy it. I, for one, enjoy playing Pudge in this position. A simple hook does not require any items, and can easily decide the outcome of the game, let alone the outcome of a fight. A good Pudge will feed on those kills; with enough stacks, Pudge can later easily transition into an extra carry for his team. Waiting in the jungle for the perfect moment to hook in the early levels, however long it takes, is one of the best feelings in Dota.