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    thanks! Lots of players should read this ^^

    Story Time

      it will all be ignored by those who do not know this, and will not be new to those who knows

      Bobby Corwen

        I always love getting flamed when telling the 5 support that they should be buying most if not all the wards


          Im used to play as 5
          There is only 1 tip i still havent figured well...
          Its when your carry need to be babysitted,he cant farm whitout you but you cant ward and roam whitout leaving him...
          Whats more important?
          What do you do?
          The warding\roaming step at 10+- mins requires at least 3 minutes of farm lost for your carry.
          Is it worth?
          I think the 4 should help the carry in this step but you know pubs right?

          Mad Max

            i recently face the same dillemma


              Could you order the last section in "Smoke,Dust, Gems" please? :3

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                you can buy the wards and drop them in fountain for your team to use

                Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

                  lets get plus abo or ur warding will fail!!!!!!


                    everyhing is warded - " we need wards "


                      This is a very good article. Well done

                      passive aggressive

                        "Playing the clock" is something that is underestimated in pubs..


                          finally a document which realises leaving some wards in stock and then using the others for pinnacle moments can be effective mid game ganking. PS great article in general for awareness.

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                            Warding doesnt win the game, DE-warding does !

                            Riguma Borusu

                              I think there are some points that need to be stressed about map control. I have played so many support games where I get pinged for not warding the whole map, when our whole team is stranded near our T3s since the enemy team has taken out all outer towers and has a gem. Expecting a support to ward the whole map without any map control (and on his own, no less) while the enemy can kill anyone who leaves the base and has a gem is just a moronic way to look at the game.

                              Warding doesnt win the game, DE-warding does !

                              This is completely false, as evident from the number of games played and your winrate and MMR. If you had any understanding of what wins the games, you wouldn't be that low with such a number of games.

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                                People just underestimate the whole potential of warding, vision is a big game changer. It's like a cheat, you can see the enemy without them knowing. But doesn't matter how many times you explain this, sniper will stay in lane for 20 min farming and jungle too and in the end the support is low NET and in bigger team fights wont do anything

                                Black Capped Chickadee

                                  This should be a must-read for supports in pub. Wards is a limited resources and don't waste it


                                    2nd importand thing is, If one team have a vision and use the vision smart. If you dont, example Mirana uses arrow, clock uses rocket with this vision and not ganked and killed enemy so they will notice there is a ward here and they're gonna say "we should deward". Trading 1 arrow to 1 ward. And your eyes actually. Now you are blind and you must wait for another charge of ward.

                                    Use your vision smart, like your ward don't waste them.

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                                      There's so many 3ks here sharing their thoughts

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