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    I'm not sure wheter Sumail is a good example for carry role, cuz he doesn't really play it in pro games.

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        Самое забавное, что игры сейчас длятся по 30-35 минут, и многие хард-кэрри вообще с игры выпали, зато вместо них вполне играются агрессивные семи-кэрри.
        Какой там лейт... игра зачастую уже в мид-гейме заканчивается, и решают её исход в основном мидер и оффлейнер.


          Now if I could just convince teammates to do meta carry picks. Either cheese or meta staple or else its game losing honestly.


            This article is incorrect. Just played with a pos 4 NP who swore he needed the most farm and afk jungled for fifteen minutes. Lol. Jk good article. But no, really pos 4 NP afk jungle.

            Nonkey King

              Carry is one of the worst played roles in Dota. Any half decent player knows there is alot more to carrying than right clicking. I would not recommend the carry role for beginners as making mistakes leads to being flamed...
              One of the worst parts of playing carry is playing with people who have no idea of how to play support. Everyone thinks they can play support, however they often misunderstand the role

              Erika Fransiska

                I agree with _Ryzo_...

                However, in the scale of Beginner to Expert (Easy-Hard), I will put the Carry role in Intermediate (Medium).


                  new players can try easy heroes like huskar, pa, like hereos with 1 complexity

                  Tu tayta

                    The ones who make flashy plays? I'd say that's more a pos 2 thing.

                    No friend to play dota sadge

                      Also, a side note. Don't expect too much from the support to be good.
                      The worst thing about lower bracket carry is that they expect too much from the lower bracket support, for fucksake, stop asking the support player to support you like how the pros do support in the tournament, meanwhile you as lower bracket carry wasting so much last hit and have no gamesense when enemy is missing and get ganked repeatedly.

                      SO IT MAYBE NOT SUPPORT FAULT THAT YOU DIED just because there is no vision when you farm deep on enemy jungle or part of area where the strongest enemy hero often roam because if that is so, the support won't be able to place ward.

                      To sum up, if you want to be a carry, the star of the team, stop being mean and blame your team, instead accept it that your gamesense is bad and improve by not repeating the same mistake.


                        The cover photo.. so cool

                        Anonymous mode- No chat

                          Unfortunately your article only represents tournament matches. Even in high level pubs,there's always idiots that can't stand not having their carry participate in fights they start at enemy towers. 10-12min in and if you don't appear they're gonna blame you for any lost fight for which you're not there.

                          Dr. Zuess

                            certain carries are lane stompers (ursa/slark), while other carries need core items to do anything (naga,wraith king, spec,tb) . Well balanced carries are the best to start as (jugg, sven, faceless, PA) because you can fight early, push a T1, then go to jungle and farm, or show up to another lane and fight. Most carries operate this way, but its best to have an early game fighting tool to help you gain confidence early game.


                              Carry role has the most pressure, everybody expects carry win the game and gets easily blamed for many reasons, mostly not fulfilling others' expectations like for farming speed, not helping in fights or easily dying of bad map awarness and positioning.

                              Anyway a good carry is the most greedy player who knows how to boost his networth by farming and getting kills.

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                              I Report Feeders and Non-...

                                and if u are playing carry, and lane is free to farm, dont move to jungle ffs (lower bracket)


                                  Where is K1 Hector ?


                                    @Импульс-80 just added hector :)


                                      Ясно что тут не понятно )))

                                      Hatz Johnule

                                        Cool wallpaper, thanks!

                                        ;;;such a full;;;

                                          Очень странно, что людям советуют начинать играть на корах

                                          sum ting wong

                                            Any new player should try every position and just try out different builds. This phase especially is focused on trying to understand the hero. It’s actually pretty fun cuz you have no pressure other than trying to see if the role is for you or not. Hope new players are not intimidated by the complexity! It’s actually pretty simple if you go one step at a time