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    Visage jumps from being a niche pick to a situational support, meanwhile Broodmother is still as ignorable as ever

    ♥♦ GED ♣♠

      Hate to see random Visage in ranked matchups

      Ebola Chaser

        Just don't nerf him, Volvo. Pls.

        MM.Brock Hall

          Most illusion/summon heroes are cores so it makes sense that Visage could make the full switch to core hero with his skillset.


            Visage has the highgest winrate in 5k. Its sad to know ezfrog will destroy our poor little birdie.

            Mata Leo

              just spammed bird to 5k, shhhhh -> dont tell icefrog.


                OG were running Notail carry Visage recently right?




                    "Visage gets countered quite easily with cheap evasion, and the only item to enable true strike for his Familiars is Bloodthorn."

                    Solar Crest Rework *cough*

                    "When cast on an enemy, it removes 10 of their armor and grants your allies to have 35% Accuracy on the target."


                      Solar Crest Rework *cough* XD
                      yea exactly they provide an small chance of true strike
                      its +25%
                      so lets think they are attacking someone with 15%miss chance
                      the amount of solar crest beign usefull on that is 15 x 25 / 100 : 3.75 %
                      Con fking grat volvo : you provide 3.75 precent more phisical dmg
                      dumb choice On the best situation when you attacking windrunner with windrun
                      you have 25 precent true strike
                      So you have always 25 miss chance (considering most heroes naturaly have 0% evasion ) but on the best situation you got 25 true strike
                      the item need a buff on true strike calculation
                      or just a rework - i have an idea
                      the buff stays at 7 second
                      what about the first 1.75 second provide 100 % true strike
                      like when you attacking PA with silver edge and miss breakes
                      so its gonna provide 25 % of the time true strike just like when you use solar crest on alley you have 25 precent more evasion
                      plus you have more team work and timing
                      then you can nerf the item to 8 armor
                      another good thing is you have just a single answer to evasion in dota 2
                      MKB cause bloodthrone is expensive and someone who needs silence buying it if you want true strike you will buy mkb - its expensive so only cores can buy it and cores dealing the dmg so there is no point to prefer bloodthrone if you dont need silence - usually in dota you have multiply choices like clinz recently people buying hex so much
                      they need disable and somestats i like the mana regen too - you can have mana regen and attack speed plus silence with orchid and BT plus true strike
                      For a mele hero Abyssal Blade is another choice
                      for a support eul is an option to disable
                      so why not SC be an option for evasion (ITS NOT RIGHT NOW ! )
                      Read this frog

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                        Coincidentally I just won a pub match with Visage, and I dare say once he gets his familiars his map controlling potential rises exponentially. And I agree with the article, when partnered with a roamer with reliable lockdown, Visage becomes a force to be reckoned with during early to mid-game. Not to mention he can easily pick off unsuspecting supports during clashes with his familiars.

                        Loved the hero since the original DotA, and I wish players would get to appreciate him more across every MMR bracket.

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                          @Mind A little correction pal: It's "true strike" not "true sight". They're both terms used in DotA2, and they have very different meanings.

                          True strike allows one to ignore evasion effects granted by abilities and items, but not evasion granted by high ground advantage (especially true with buildings).

                          True sight on the other hand allows units and structures to detect invisible units around the sight's area of effect.

                          Just a little FYI for those who do not know yet.

                          Sylphian Gloverfield

                            the first time I know visage, is when I got badly owned by him in DotA 1 back then, because he was SO BROKEN.

                            Good to see him being spotted again, it's a forgotten hero, don't nerf him please

                            QT-3(I'm Machine)

                              Хех Визаж в мид лане разваливает все вплоть да 4К ММР. на большем ММР на нем не играл так как не успел еще апнуть.Так-что пикаем Визажа и умоляем союзников дать мид.


                                New visage is support?You'shown the Fly's match, he is OG's support and plays supports in the most!


                                  "In a 2v1 scenario, Visage my still not necessarily shine as lane support,"

                                  Small typo there as I guess it was meant to read *may not my.

                                  Loved the article though.


                                    Я не понимаю, почему его рассматривают как саппорта. Чтобы быть саппортом, у героя должны быть способности, позволяющие саппортить: хил, замедление+урон, эскейп для тиммейтов(типа Креста Дазла), хороший контроль, баф для тиммейтов или дебафф для врагов(как например ульт Дазла). А что есть у Визажа: Grave Chill - дебафф на скорость атаки и передвижения для врага, но баф для самого Визажа, соотнветственно, этот скилл помогает убивать; Soul Assamption - наносит немало магического урона, если Визаж накопит заряды(опять же,скилл для убийств, а не для саппортинга); Gravekeeper Cloak - пассивка, работающая как аура, дающая хорошую защиту от физического и магического урона для самого Визажа и его фамильяров(опять же не саппорт скилл, а скилл, который позволяет Визажу хорошо стоять не только в миду, но и соло на сложной линии); и наконец ульт Summon Familliars - 2(а с Аганимом 3) гаргульи, которые наносят много физического урона и имеют 1 активную способность, а именно стан. Какой вывод могу сделать я, человек, отыгравший довольно много игр на Визаже: Визаж - не саппорт. Визаж - его герой, которому нужно ходить либо на мид, либо соло на сложную линию. Совсем забыл сказать о том, что все его бафы от Valve как раз делают из Визажа отличного кор героя, который с минимумом Артефактов и с быстрым получением уровня(талант на 10 уровне и Мидас нам в помощь) способен убить большинство героев, а потом взять и спушить.


                                      BohrInGame Broodmother Is a lot closer to being viable than you might think, still super niche but in a game where she is not pestered by 2 or more aoe heroes, she crushes. Brood can get levels faster than pretty much any other hero in the game, and so she can hold her own as a carry if she is not shut down in lane, and if she is she can transition to jungle some. I would not say she is good right now, but that is not because of her power as a hero, it is because of the meta. Brood has always been an easily countered hero and unless they make her literally op or nerf every single aoe hero she will see very little play competetively.

                                      In other news if you want to play brood try playing her mid, if you can convince your team to let you and you last pick it you can pretty often surprise the midlaner and rapidly take control of mid, and then once the enemy is determined to gang up and kill you you can just run off into jungle and take ancients. Then you get tp boots and an orchid and start ganking towers (yes I know that is not how that works but what I really mean is tping to a lane and pushing it, maybe killing a solo guy and hitting tower a bit, and then tping elswhere to do it again.) by 25-30 minutes you can be level 25 with a full inventory. If all wnet well the enemy carries won't be online yet and you can kill them in under a second, but sometimes you just have to resort to actually fighting the enemy with your team and/or backdooring


                                        I think I will always love playing Visage as a solo offlane, hit level 6 and murder their carry

                                        >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

                                          Visage jumps from being a niche pick to a situational support, meanwhile Broodmother is still as ignorable as ever

                                          That is because Brood is not a game winning hero. Yeah she can make a ton of space and get 2 towers in under 15 minutes alone, but she creates a 4 v 5 game, and that is assuming you do not have a slow core.

                                          to tilt, or not to tilt.

                                            i play visage as core for mid, definitely a niche pick, especially with right lineups. i often play him when he is not countered by the other team. they ban heroes like invo tinker and shit but aren't ready for a visage pick. snowball early or farm midas.


                                              yea you are right @noir i just forgot idk why - english is not my language

                                              U ω0ƚ м8 ¿:?

                                                Right now it's impossible for Visage to be a suitable place balance wise, every time he gets a slight buff the Drow-Visage combination becomes ridiculously strong and as a result he gets nerfed back to the bottom tier. The easy solution to this is just to have Drow aura not affect the familiars, this would allow Visage to be buffed to a suitable point.


                                                  @ Mind , my man. I blanked out halfway through your comment because there was a bit of disconnect between your sentences. Keeping in mind that English ain't your preferred language, I still think you should add a tl;dr just in case IceFrog decides to drop in. I am sure he'd appreciate it. xD


                                                    @Mind not to pick at certain things but Shine adds 35% not 25%, also Silver Edge can't miss.

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                                                      AJUDANTE DE SERVENTE

                                                        L A N C H A


                                                          because hes a great hero