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    "now that HotD is basically a support item." LMAO


      It is. It's more of an early-game stat boosting/pushing item.

      Seung Mi Na

        Sven picker gonna cry haha Anh Nguyen


          Well i didnt play any games on 7.00 but looking at how pros play in this meta, it seems like 2-1-2 laning with 3 carrys is pretty good option for the current meta. However downside of 3 carrys lineup means weak early game, but if u can survive from it, then the game is on your side literally.


            HotD work for omni xD

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            Not Izayoi

              HoTD is an amazing support item. 430 movespeed on dominated creeps is just too good. All the disables and auras you can get for 1800g plus 8 hp regen and 10 atk speed aura.

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              Komm, süsser Tod

                Only problem is that many supports have better core items to go for first. and in later stages of the game HoTD might not be a good choice anymore when you can push for a force staff for example.


                  No comments on the new shitty UI?


                    Sven wtf , please buff osfrog


                      Dota's most balanced hero got nerf by technically downgrading the only item that made him OP.. which in technically the hero needs revamping on item build..


                        And visage has already been dumpstered


                          sven was a cancer in last patch, now he is ok, i like that change... at least that one


                            I would rather have a cancerous sven than any cancerous agi carry to support in lane


                              @MONKEY but that happens cuz of BAD PLAYERS, no for BROKEN CANCEROUS HEROES.. but this patch have his owns.. specially the super OMGWTF BROKEN MONKEY KING

                              Guilty Spark

                                Not Sven :(


                                  "it’s that moment of surprise when he sneaks past your tower disguised as a tree and ganks you underneath it that we overreact"

                                  Did the author actually watch the clip? That's not remotely close to what happened.


                                    madbro...clearly not as there is no sneaking going on at all! Just singsing slaying a small child.

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                                      +1 Neoarcadia

                                      Wth, today they even worsened it, by forcing the auto build over the shop....

                                      Sure now everyone has to make a custom build, not to have a shity shop layout with random useless item, that some monkey at valve choosed to put there ...

                                      Just L-GoD

                                        matrice lul


                                          Enemy monkey king = 30-0
                                          My Team's monkey king = 0-12


                                            HotD is still by no means a no-go for carry heroes I think. Despite no longer having any lifesteal, it still adds an average amount of Stats, HP regen, and attack speed.

                                            CRIPPLING DEPRESSION

                                              I still can't understand why they changed Necrophos' aghanim. Sure, the cooldown reduction is nice, but why can't I put players on the spectator couch anymore by disabling their buybacks?


                                                I dont like the game as much anymore...

                                                Гроза злых магов и даунов

                                                  I think Lone Druid need some bear buff... =/


                                                    Yeah, nice Ui changes! Now i cant see my stats when i press alt but therefor i can see them at the fucking edge of the screen by hovering my mouse above and accidently scrolling the fucking screen. And i love the changes to the shop. No srsly the ui even gets worse on a daily basis... i dont know what valve is trying to accomplish...

                                                    Somnus M

                                                      I think HotD is too costly for a support to buy. I think a tanky offlane would be better of with it, maybe like Underlord. Stack auras and generally be a annoying shit for the enemy team.


                                                        om telolet om


                                                          WO L O L O the reason why necro aghs got changed was because it was literally op before, necro was an overall weak hero, and his aghs made him viable, they want to make necro viable, not the most powerful ultimate in the game viable. he is definitely weaker now than before but next patch or in some small patches he will be buffed, and he will be a nice hero then who is not quite as obnoxious. in other news my theory that monkey king is not op is confirmed by stats, but that may be totally different in pro games, so whatever.

                                                          Brock Hall

                                                            Expanding on finnaggann's points:

                                                            1. keep in mind that there are a few heroes that are balanced around their aghs upgrade. Easiest one to think of before the patch was Tiny, who didn't come online before he had aghs, and it really felt like just an extra point in Grow. That's not a problem, lots of heroes are balanced around the assumption that they will get an item. Slark has skadi. Legion has blademail. Tons rely on blink. So while a lot of heroes can get aghs as an optional depending on the game, I don't see it as a problem for a few heroes to be required to have aghs.

                                                            2. Taking away Necro aghs removes a truly unique selling point for the hero, especially with the advent of death timer cooldown reductions in skill trees. He could have been a great pocket pick which would have forced heroes to grab the timer cooldown instead of their better option. In a lot of situations you want to force your opponent to make a decision they don't want to make, and this would have been a great last pick.

                                                            3. You're right about the overall changes to Necro. He feels a lot less like a reactionary pick and more like a hero that can round out the shortcomings of your lineup. It's a step towards making him less of a pocket pick who only works in a limited role. That's great, but all of those new additions are not enough to compensate for making his ult incredibly underwhelming. I would rank it among the lowest valued ults in the game, and that's on top of heartstopper still feeling useless after the laning stage. The skill does a very similar thing as Snipers' ult, but that's on such a low cooldown. Why can't necro get an AOE ult instead of a marginal cooldown upgrade?

                                                            Bottom line is that it is frustrating to see Necro in this position as while he is more functional, he is less unique and more clunky. Whatever they tried to do ended up changing him from a "sweet but too risky" to a "competent but unrewarding".


                                                              "Pub players don't buy defusal" HA. In the patch of every ago carry goes manta defusal really?


                                                                nice path, nice monkey..

                                                                Pake ko?

                                                                  You can easily owned this mk using ta 💯.


                                                                    "Monkey King Imbalance Status: TBD"
                                                                    Really shows how little Dotabuff staff understand about the game, especially when the hero already got nerffed once

                                                                    nice for what

                                                                      lol, the writer hasnt even played the new patch

                                                                      Milton Friedman

                                                                        They need to remove all respawn reduction talents or have them not apply to die back timers for this to feel like Dota again


                                                                          " players don’t buy diffusal blades anyway" WHAT? That is a very popular item for a lot of agillity carries, and in pub games, a lot of people spam those carries. Jugg? PA? PL? Riki? They are in a lot of pub games and diffusal blade got nerfed because people overuse it, not the other way around.

                                                                          it already a money but st...

                                                                            Writer is a pro-player suck-up hahaha

                                                                            Lord Failmore

                                                                              has the writer ever played pubs? diffussal blades were in almost every game in 6.88.....Helm of dominater is still super common on luna in 7.01, its now a standard jug item as well instead...its a great alternative to drum


                                                                                я пидарас ебучий я свою мать ебал

                                                                                Brock Hall

                                                                                  @Zombi3 I'm not so sure I can agree that it is a VERY popular item, but the comment shouldn't be taken out of context. Diffusal is intended to be a carry item that counters buffing heroes, much like how MKB counters dodge heroes. The difference is that a lot of people will change their build to get the MKB when there are dodge heroes, but not many will change their build to get the diffusal. Some heroes benefit from the item regardless of its general counter style, just like sniper benefits from MKB even when there isn't a dodge hero. But I wouldn't call either item popular like a Daedalus or Deso is.

                                                                                  In regards to the nerf, it was kind of not a nerf to the carry heroes, but more to remove those rare situations where the item is bought by a support or is simply too useful in very certain situations. The majority of the time the nerf won't be felt, thus the carries that buy it will keep buying it.


                                                                                    i think dotabuff staff should stop reading stats and watching gameplay videos and actually play the fucking game

                                                                                    Li Mu Bai

                                                                                      Totally agree with author on MK - its not as imba as people picture it. The thing is in order to deal with him you need good map control/awareness aka wards etc. which is a problem in many pub games, at least from my experience - not every pub game will have position 5 support who invests ALL his money in wards/dusts/smokes etc. thats why sneaking mk can crush you, BUT if you know he's coming and react properly, he's not that scary. Think of kotl for instanse who invests heavily in wards, getting agh's at some point in the game and gives you alot of map vision or night stalker. From there stun, silence, slow, root and mk is not that scary anymore

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                                                                                      Dungeon Master™

                                                                                        My main problem with monkey king is that there aren't a lot of ways to see him in the trees. Ward-cliff wards can see over trees, but even high ground wards can't see him on the trees a level lower. Because of this he has one of the most unseen initiations in the game (second to of course Specter and Zeus who require no approach to begin a fight ). This is an incredibly powerful tool against pubs, where communication is scant and counterplay is much lower than high mmr and pro games


                                                                                          Seems Good


                                                                                            Helm is not a support item. Support have better things to buy.

                                                                                            Donald Trump

                                                                                              I thought Eye of Skadi was no longer an attack modifier, it clearly seemed like it when I tried to use Satanic.


                                                                                                Since when pub players do not buy Diffu?