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      Enjoy that stolen money i...





            Monkey king better get hit with the nerf hammer. If i have to play mid against a fucking monkey in my trees one more time I'm going to lose my shit

            somsomi #NTSFAN

              6th. Made it, Mom.


                7th lol?

                Brünk Hüll

                  Still feel like MK is just a flavor for the moment. Saw the same thing happen when Silencer was brought into the game. Teams abused his power, then they figured out how to beat him and he has struggled ever since.

                  Chicken Wing

                    Silence mere mortal

                    leet and friends

                      Alchemist is back NotLikeThis

                      Guardian of the Light

                        Make abaddon great again please! From previous top 6% abbadon player

                        I stand alone

                          Lina and ls will get nerf...maybe buff void or morph?


                            Still waiting for AM buff

                            1-IceTea 🌟

                              15th as Lycan talent is +15DMG

                              Il Separatio

                                Release 7.05 before the Kiev Major and buff the non picked heroes please IceFrog BibleThump


                                  IO buff confirmed for 7.05 xD

                                  Alice Margatroid

                                    Pls dont nerf spectre, lol she is my favorite hero


                                      The problem is every roamer in the game can be beaten with proper warding, sentries and dust except Monkey King. Tree dance has a 3 second cd and costs zero mana. And unless you have flying vision, Kotl, WR and beastmaster, youre screwed. And after wrecking your laning stage he transitions too easily into a right click team fighter. You just cannot fight inside his Ultimate. There's no reason NOT to pick him. And thats bad game design

                                      1-IceTea 🌟

                                        ^What about PA?



                                          Annie Leonhart

                                            is too short (minimum is 6 characters)


                                              make support great again!
                                              now most of pos 4 supp is basically a non-supp hero but played in supp position (e.g riki,lina,weaver,silencer and now MK) even bounty hunter and riki is not supposedly to played as support but yeah i played them as supp.
                                              i started to think that a pure supportive heroes like dazzle,cm,jakiro,appa and phoenix are losing their ground in the recent meta and its not rare that we've seen only 1 supp strat in professional scene.


                                                MK has already been nerfed 4 times and he is no longer viable as a carry hero. He also has been nerfed to the point where he isn't even very effective as a solo ganker. So, now we are left playing him as a support with team ganking/scouting ability. Which ultimately leads to little farm or exp due to the amount of time tree dancing as a scout. That is why he is so effective in the PRO scene, because they actually have coordination.

                                                If MK is nerfed any more, he won't be viable even in a support role. Why even add him to the game?

                                                Bomb Your Ass

                                                  This comment is the first comment that contain many zzzz.

                                                  ♥♦ GED ♣♠

                                                    Lets go back to former split push rat doto. Teamfighting in 2k sucks

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                                                      Why did Abaddon get nerfed in the previous 2 patches? This result is the proof he is far from inbalanced.

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                                                        Where can I find statistics about how many heroes were picked and what heroes never got picked?

                                                        The Robot Devil

                                                          MK is fine now, for the pro scene, still think a little nerf to his ultimate is needed. Just up the cooldown a bit, down.

                                                          The vision thing is tricky, its most of the reason he's playable and the tree jumping is unique. I'd look for more heroes to use/counter it in the near future because the game needs it.

                                                          I like MK tho, he's fun to watch and play.

                                                          Brünk Hüll


                                                            If you put him in the ganking role (which he most often is as described by @manushka) he won't be getting the farm you say he will. In order to get him into the core position you have to give him time to farm or give him the kill instead of the assist, neither of which work well with his early game timing because he is too weak to be given more than 4th priority farm.

                                                            Jingo mastery is already basically useless unless he is a carry, his q is the weakest crit in the game and his ult is as effective as he is tanky. It won't take long to learn to counterpick him in pro scene.


                                                              So many pople are active posters here, but never on the forum


                                                                Why am I so noob! Damn, I cant carry them to victory.


                                                                  VS is nice. just swap him outside of his ulti and its over :)

                                                                  Brünk Hüll

                                                                    @Wobbel is swap far enough to grab him from the middle?

                                                                    Brünk Hüll

                                                                      @Wobbel never mind, circle is 780 radius and VS swap at lvl 1 is 700, so it's pretty easy to end that yeah.

                                                                      Brünk Hüll


                                                                        On top of that, swap is at most 45 sec cd, MK ult is at least 70. You can in theory always have swap ready for it.

                                                                        Cptn BoogleBottoms

                                                                          So glad everyone isn't complaining about Earth Spirit. He doesn't need anymore nerfs ='( haha Seriously though he is by far the most fun hero to play.


                                                                            Buff earth spirit please


                                                                              Happy monkey king, alch and abbadon is being played! I like this sort of gameplay and all heroes I like to play myself. Hope they dont nerf them too hard though.

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                                                                                What mmr is VHS?


                                                                                  Newbie here =_=