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        4th 123456




            Stupid talent tree. Some heroes are way too imbalance.


              Dumb article

              LP fanboy

                gg will try


                  Не первый)


                    WIN WIN WIN!

                    Сила юности

                      Сливает только всем игры в пабе

                      ITS ISPEP MANE

                        Radiance is nice too.

                        The Doctor

                          Master Sing was first who played this ember.He was playing with radiance and octarine


                            fuck first trash russian


                              Ебал таких на миду


                                Nice article but trash build

                                Ansliy Of Dota

                                  GG DOTA

                                  The Velveteen Rabbit

                                    I have been using this build exclusively with ember lately and have won 4 out of 5 games with it. If you have another nuker or high magic damage hero in your team its becomes almost unbeatable in early teamfights.


                                      Why i'm playing with this game?


                                        @Vladeeeeeek - ебака грозный. У тебя же профиль открыт, ты сыграл всего 10 игр, причём действительно один раз штормом против магического эмбера на миду.
                                        ЛУЛз только в том, что ты ему проиграл.


                                          10-2 on this ember

                                          I WUV YOU SHO MUCH  ❤

                                            WTF is Maelstrom coming back because the meta emphasize on fighting more than farming?

                                            Ortensio la Nutria

                                              The nerf is coming... "7.02" 10% Magic damage amp. Lvl 15 and cooldown reduction removed, for sure...


                                                6 Battlefury ember is the best!


                                                  singsing was not the first one to try it
                                                  it was someone like sumail i think who started it off by going veil

                                                  The Half-Blood Prince

                                                    veil ember is trash




                                                        Recenty played against an ember with this kind of build with me being necrophos. He has a good start until I got my Euls, he cant do shit anymore after his flameguard got dispelled my teammates rekt him.

                                                        it already a money but st...

                                                          ember TRASH


                                                            normal players buy necronomicon and atos, veil is obsolete


                                                              3 HoT + 1 battlefury + 1 Batterfly + 1 Divine Rapier = ez rampage

                                                              Brock Hall

                                                                Can't add to much to the article as I'm not an Ember player, but I love that the article was written. It's great to have this kind of theory crafting as it opens up dialogues and is valuable information for player growth (studying is part of playing). Seriously, props to Dotabuff for keeping this kind of thing up.

                                                                Now here's my opinion:

                                                                This seems like a highly situational build that could be used as a surprise or as a backup strategy in case traditional counters to Ember are picked. However, looking at how Ember plays mechanically, zipping around the map, rooting players and doing dmg in a small aoe? That's Storm Spirit. If you're picking Ember, you probably should plan to NOT use this build unless there is a very specific reason to. If you want to do the magic damage tempo controlling stuff with high mobility, what would make this a better choice than Storm?


                                                                  @brock hall: because ember can go online faster than storm, and potentially kill 2+ heroes in lane, whilst storm can only focus on one. with this build, ember can also clear creepwave better without much items (veil+flameguard). this build suits well for objective taking aimed to finish game before 40 minutes, and not for late game scenarios.

                                                                  Mofo cruisser

                                                                    Well, at least it is not + 6 Treants

                                                                    while (!"false");

                                                                      For some reasons Chinese players prefer to build blade mail instead of veil.


                                                                        Great article!!!!! ty


                                                                          I don't get how people think this build is trash when its so fucking good. i played magic ember and went 30/7 although it was just a 2k game i had to sell some stuff and build right click in late game though. still lost the game


                                                                            Автор вообще ебанутый, какой нахуй маг урон у эмбера

                                                                            I WUV YOU SHO MUCH  ❤

                                                                              Magic Ember is strong. Just met one in my smurf, he was probably some 4k smurf too and rekt my team real hard 33/7
                                                                              But I'm sure I can handle him if I was mid
                                                                              But that proves that Ember can be a solo pubstomper like old ArcWarden
                                                                              Just need to master him.


                                                                                Lost three games in a row due to some dumb shit peruvian doing this build and failing hard. gg


                                                                                  Magic Ember is so cool right now.
                                                                                  Раки, которые это отрицают, просто смешны

                                                                                  HungryJacks > KFC

                                                                                    I love how people who shit on this post are all below 3k mmr. LUL.
                                                                                    Gitgud first before shitposting.

                                                                                    Brock Hall


                                                                                      I get that it's an early game window build but it still seems like a cheese strat. I can see it being effective, but only if you take your opponent off guard. I feel like there are a lot of other effective, safe choices that would accomplish the same goal. The extra creep wave speed is something to chew on for sure though.

                                                                                      *FarizTampan 2nd 277-231/...

                                                                                        Despite cooldown reduction stacking multiplicatively, instead of additively

                                                                                        THANKS FOR THIS INFORMATION
                                                                                        VERY NICE ARTICLE


                                                                                          @Brock Hall
                                                                                          You just need to understand that this build comes from pro scene, and the reason is that bf ember is already not that effective in pro games due to much better coordination. There is probably no reason that it should be better on 2k mmr where majority of pub players live.
                                                                                          On the other hand there are millions of great low mmr pub builds that work superb in pubs but are of no value in pro scene. You just don't need to copy builds from top players - sometimes they are not suited for your games.

                                                                                          *FarizTampan 2nd 277-231/...

                                                                                            btw very nice article , good job kawai and dotabuff

                                                                                            did u know all the pros read this article too
                                                                                            since this dotabuff is known all over the world

                                                                                            rush veil on ember on his teammates , fit better to amplify magic damage
                                                                                            especially in tandem with AA skill 2 or bloodseeker skill 1 or EE max skill 3 first
                                                                                            no one want to tank this ember
                                                                                            u know magic damage reduction is stack additively , its like 1,15(talent) * 1,25(veil) * 1,15(ice vortex) = +65% amplify skill 1 n 3

                                                                                            and 2 maelstorm is better if u want this build , since it will proc more often than 1 maelstorm (beside radiance build)
                                                                                            u guys focus on magical damage right ? so , abuse it
                                                                                            u can kill 100% 1 wave creep with 1 cast of SoF

                                                                                            oracle can rape this ember type build , he can purge skill 1 n skill 3 all day long
                                                                                            no skill 3 no magic damage

                                                                                            *FarizTampan 2nd 277-231/...

                                                                                              since a long time ago , veil discord is a massive boost for magical damage
                                                                                              u can feel how hurt zeus hit + veil
                                                                                              u can see how EG win TI with skill 2 ice vortex + Echo in roshan pit

                                                                                              the main culprit is veil discord i think
                                                                                              ember magical damage without veil can fail hard

                                                                                              and radiance build , with radiance alone , mainly on alche n spec , already a pain in the ass
                                                                                              especially +15% magical talent +25% veil
                                                                                              no one can stand without BKB against this build (in early game)

                                                                                              Ketosis is life

                                                                                                Consistently 40k+ dmg with this build LUL. It's sad how underrated is perma searing chains 1-2 heroes.