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    I think ability choice was like a compromise or rubberband to pubs where people gonna pick 3-4 carry per teams ,
    Like telling them "okay , pick what you want, you still can truly support or carry with this hero, choice is yours"
    While it's good way to broaden playstyle, but i felt like its to make game bit too forgiving


      2nd cm with scepter really make me triggered lol

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          Не могу понять, зачем паку на 25-ом лвл"е +300 голды/мин, для замены айтемов в убер лейте на какую то рапиру с муншардами и т.п. в попытках сделать его физ-дпс"ером?


            Good luck & have fun!

            h9uu, harbinger of death

              we dota3 now


                You didn't mentioned neutral denies in the early levels.

                BOT Moriarty

                  riki and slark gonna be choose in low mmr and pub


                    Next patch Decembar 2017 !


                      and once again they nerfed Arc Warden... xd they must rework this hero once again, because this patch is just absurd :)
                      omg why they hate this hero so badly?
                      -Tempest Double no longer copies consumables (includes Bottle)
                      Lol so no longer infinity mangoes and salves
                      -horribly bad and weak Flux is even more weaker: range decreased
                      -longer cooldowns on his ultimate: bread-and-butter-ability
                      -no more vision granted by sparks if you put them between trees...

                      Jesus, this hero is just a larger creep :D

                      I must puke my hate on his talents too. In late game he is just a weaker right-clicker, so lvl 25 with +175 dmg for sparks is just a joke.
                      Enemies have so much hp, bkb... sparks don't even reveal invisible units...
                      Horrible, just horrible.

                      rip Vanguard Zero 2019-2023

                        Goodbye jungle LC

                        Good riddance.


                          Goodbye juggernaut arcana for you,valve just want your money lolololol



                            goodbye good ol magina with 1/4/1 and all stats

                            ه@S3SSioN S☼laris

                              Where is the juggernaut arcana though? anyways. I am worried about this new patch... I feel like it can either turn out really good or really bad for the community, I guess Valve are focusing on the viewership of the game at hand. But I guess as a Dota player I just need to endure the changes just like everyone else.

                              STOP! In the name of the ...

                                what about the level 1-6 deny to neutrals nerf???? how is that not relevant???????????


                                  i hate the new map


                                    Love this patch! We will see some good fucking dotos in the next tournaments! Cant wait!!!!! WP

                                    Budak Korporat

                                      Welcome to League of Throne


                                        RIP arc you will be missed


                                          Is this apri fools what the fuck


                                            Imagine PL, BH and tinker with aghs.............................. BOUNCE ARE REAL!



                                              Erase Humanity

                                                I think this is a rat Dota path. Early roaming and ganking is less rewarding now. Team fight is less rewarding and late game extremely risky and punishing. Illusion siege isn't low risk high payoff anymore. These are all in favour of split pushing and ganking.

                                                Canis Lupus9653

                                                  can someone tell me what HotD means?


                                                    what time about ETA that patch?


                                                      No more stat bonuses for your levels? Is it just me but I feel worried for my Morphling and Dusa who just needs and scales well with every single stat.

                                                      Cheap Laugh Guy

                                                        Medusa is can raise for more mana OR agi dmg
                                                        She can change def/off based on enemy drafts and items
                                                        The whole game just got wild and more versatile, especially with the Agh's installations.
                                                        Morphling already has 1.1 INT I feel like building Aether+Ethereal+Dagon and Blink shit LMAO lvl 25 1500 Waveform from afar sounds lit af xD


                                                          finaly legion commander jungle is nerfed


                                                            what time about ETA that patch?


                                                              end right now the only good thing is no more cancer jungles... or maybe idiots will continue to do that and have level 3 by 6 minutes


                                                                Прощай defense of the ancients, я расстроен и буду скучать... Через полгодика увидимся может, а пока мне страшно даже пробовать в это играть.


                                                                  А у меня сегодня День Рождения, вот Гейб и подсунул мне подарочек, за что ему и спасибки :-) Всем приятной игры, настроения и терпения, неплохой патч :-)

                                                                  You waifu (͡° ͜ ͡° )

                                                                    Hello LOL2


                                                                      Нужно больше апнуть Зевса, в талантах нет ни амплифай демеджа, ни кд редукшна, а Нимбус вроде прикольная фигня.

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                                                                        Defend of the storm legends.

                                                                        ✪ -HaBBu. ♥҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉

                                                                          how would Troll, Huskar or Sven survive without helm.....#MoM Meta

                                                                          ngawngaw lods

                                                                            happy december fools :D

                                                                            Suur Tõll

                                                                              (Riki + Aghanim) inside (Slark + Aghanim). Or inside Storm Spirit, or inside invised Weaver.


                                                                                The talent tree for the hero pales in comparison to other ones, but the reworked Aghanim's Scepter upgrade should definitely put the hero on the radar."

                                                                                Are you fucking kidding ? his tree is amazingly good


                                                                                  wc3 - 12.12.16 RIP


                                                                                    You can play it on the test client. It's amazing, for me at least. I predict a snowball heavy meta, at lvl10-15 huge power spike from lvl 2 ult and 2nd lvl of talents, advantage will be stretched further every time. 1st one to reach lvl 25 wins.
                                                                                    Welcome to Defense of the Ancient League of Legendary Heroes of the Newerth Storm.


                                                                                      The talent tree for the hero pales in comparison to other ones, but the reworked Aghanim's Scepter upgrade should definitely put the hero on the radar."
                                                                                      Are you fucking kidding ? his tree is amazingly good"

                                                                                      Hello, no amplify damage and cd reduction... his tree is total garbage. IceFrog need to rework it.


                                                                                        To be completely honest, I was expecting from this "HUGE" patch, some community quailty enhancer system, but...

                                                                                        ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                                                                                          @ETdAWESOME you forgot smith battlerite etc

                                                                                          ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                                                                                            @matrice you mean he has sucky respawn reduc vs veno ld jakiro techies

                                                                                            OSMAN KERING

                                                                                              When the update release?!


                                                                                                Natures Prophet +6 TREANTS TOO OP.. NERF PLS..

                                                                                                Srsly thought +6 treants????

                                                                                                Пapeнь твoeгo нaчaльникa

                                                                                                  заебися такто
                                                                                                  лукас пендос ставь!


                                                                                                    Lol... Rubick + 50 damage level 10? And shrine regen too op. I think this is turning into an oddly strange game.

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