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I'm so bad it's sad



      fuckin shit, its coming dude

      Brünk Hüll

        Oh man, the age old question. Is it a dip in skill or is it just keeping your strats hidden so close to TI? Vici certainly did win the major, but it's hard to call them consistent like you could of VP or Secret. PSG.LGD actually might have the best shot as they have laid dormant but not dead, but it still sounds like quite a stretch. It's strange that nobody talks about EG despite their solid performance, yet it's hard to fault anyone for that stance.

        Really do think Secret has what it takes to 'overcome' this year, despite their 'poor' performance. You gotta believe Puppey wants it more than anyone has ever wanted to win TI, and it finally feels like he has a team that can live up to the expectations he has during drafts.


          TEAM THAT PICKS THE FEWEST DIFFERENT HEROES This could even be for non-weak teams. This could be EG if Bulba is drafting (Terrorblade spam again?)


            Fewest heroes played: Infamous ofc

            el Ruud

              I really respect your decision to leave that last prediction blank publicly!




                  pick SEA team for kill, long game and any similar... it's sea


                    You clearly are joking


                      The last prediction is a really polite way of saying Infamous