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      Reduce the cast point of paralyzing cask and travel time of the projectile and that would fix 90% of the problems with WD.

      As for grimstroke, I agree, he has a hard time using spells effectively in teamfights; either increase the cast range of ink swell/soulbind, or give him a move speed buff. It sucks trying to put ink swell on your carry, only for them to constantly be moving away from you faster than you can catch up to them because of how slow the hero is. I feel like there should also be some sort of save component to ink swell, like ally heroes take reduced magic damage under the duration.

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        AA, not even relevant in Alchemist meta; Oracle outclassed by dazzle & abaddon, Dark Willow, Lich, Silencer, Undying unpicked and/or irrelevant by mobility creep and dispell galore... it seems lately the hotfix is to give them waveclear/jump (See Clockwerk & Zeus)


          I just hope they revert abaddon shard back to -1s on Shield and Coil. Abaddon is not a carry pick and neither a heavy damage hero for current shard to be of any use whatsoever.


            Give all the intelligent supports +2 strength, would kind of fix their ganking potential. You would have noticed almost all the squishy heroes r unplayable in the current meta.

            Snabriel Snarsch☕

              i think witch doctor is good enough
              omniknight deserves more love


                I believe this calls for another CM nerf


                  Constantly buffing overlooked heroes is how we get power creep. We shouldn't buff these supports we should nerf the strong heroes and these heroes will then become viable


                    LMAO yeah lets power creep supports more when its overbuffing supports and offlaners that have destroyed the entirety of the carry role. There's a reason we're just seeing offlaners being played as carry. We seriously just need a nerf across the board and reset patch because I'm sure everyone "enjoys" deathballing at 12-14 minutes.


                      Grimstroke was really shining after his release. But they nerfed just everything that made the hero strong.