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    Now this is a big old game that relies on purely luck to get it right.


      Not fully.
      Realistically, best we can do is give 3-4 options and be roughly 30% sure than one of these options is going to be correct. Small chance, but infinitely higher than pure random.


        Hmm, yeah it's not purely random, but almost completely luck dependent.
        To be honest though, I exaggerated a bit, but didn't mean it in a negative way. Still, time to pray to our gods.


          EG/Sumail also played a strong Alchemist recently.


            I'm afraid of the buffed Alchemist's potential tempo...


              Alch is so Op. I remember last year no one was playing Alch but in Ti especially Team Liquid got nice wins with it. This time prob 100 percent ban or pick will happen.


                Highest GPM Average, Resolution, no questions xD

                44 愛

                  Ну в принципе попрет я так и поставил

                  Garen XD

                    not a single liquid player? LUL

                    aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                      Wow KawaiiSocks is already a divine :>

                      trying my best

                        when is the heroes and tournament predictions going to be posted?

                        Sleight of My Fist In You...

                          miracle is the best pos 1/2, kuro is the best pos 5, mc is the best pos 3, gh is the best pos 4. liquid have the best players in 4 possible positions = best team on paper.


                            VP.Noone? Ramzes? ok


                              sumail on most different heroes


                                Sylar for top last hits


                                  Мдааа... Только истинные идиоты будут ставить на игроков из СНГ...

                                  Нави нет - интов нет!




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