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            Nice analysis


              Definitely a very nice analysis. The map changes, HoTD rework, and creep spawn timers easily shifted the meta to favor more aggressive, early-game playstyles rather than a slower, farm based playstyle.


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                nc analysis

                rip Vanguard Zero 2019-2023

                  Thought this article would be about hats.
                  Was not disappointed

                  Ras Al Ghul

                    i expect to hear something about chen associated with hotd, but indeed its a very nice article


                      10th wooooo, Hotd is bae <3


                        +8 HP/sec is a joke, while even Guardian Greaves (more than 5 K gold cost) offers +4 HP/sec aura, with Mekansm and Pipe offering the same 4 HP/sec.

                        Why does the HotD recipe triplicates the headdres stats bonus??? It should double at most (+2 -> +4 all stats).

                        Minimum dominated HP should be 1000 HP, while large MS should be kept.


                          midas tho


                            omg at first i thought HotD was helm of the defiance LOL XD

                            co manda

                              almost 15th, ez


                                почему русский сайт, не может сделать перевод на статью


                                  почему русский сайт, не может сделать перевод на статью

                                  Brünk Hüll

                                    I gotta agree with @Dr_JP on the 8HP/sec. I mean I get that it used to be a lifesteal item and that could bring in a lot of regen, but the fact that it's an aura really baffles me.

                                    An Ogre, who honestly already has amazing regen, could get this item first with two mangoes and have 14 regen. Pair that with a sniper, and you have 2 auras and bloodlust to keep him powerhoused.

                                    Weaver in, well, any lane, could get this and a medallion early instead of a perseverance and be ready to fight instead of having to farm up a linkens and deso. You'd still want those items later but you wouldn't be putting them off a devestating amount.

                                    PA misses the lifesteal but can still just get a mask later. Depending on the situation I'd say it's at least worth keeping in mind.

                                    Nature's can get this and tank jungle attacks instead of his trees doing it, plus a free neutral for pushing towers.

                                    Io would still need bottle, but this could easily be the next chosen item.

                                    Centaur, Brood, Naga, Windranger, Drow, Earthshaker, the list is too long. I've heard people say the changes were meant to make the item more supporty, and while that certainly is true, there don't seem to be a lot of reasons for a core to skip it. It's just an everyone item now.


                                      @President evil
                                      Перевод появился)

                                      Entertainment 7wenty

                                        HotD + vlads + Necrobook on lycan = GG


                                          dont talk about that ,lets talk about mask of madness item i mean come on valve youre silence if you activate berserk pls valve not cool

                                          also kiev major will be held in april 20 in case if somebody doesnt know

                                          Erase Humanity

                                            I love long epic games and they're gone 😭😭. Also Hotd+brown boots is a nice power boot alternative.

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                                              HotD popular = indirect usage increase of midas builds..........


                                              a kitten

                                                "But, as discussed in our previous blog posts, it is a skill worth developing in any case."

                                                Could you retroactively add a hyperlink here to a relevant blog post please? You guys are so prolific that I have no idea how far back to look for this/these specific posts!

                                                Thanks for the post. It makes me think that I probably need to consider HotD over MoM on some characters. Does anyone know if it is now preferable on Ursa, over say MoM/Vlads?

                                                I've been avoiding practicing microing for a while now. Looks like now is the time to face that challenge xD

                                                Uuun TAnkA

                                                  Thanks! This site has really helped me improve as a player!

                                                  Erase Humanity

                                                    I think Ursa needs lifesteal a lot, both for rosh and the fact that he is a kite material. Also his skill set synergize much better with damage than attack speed.

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                                                    Brünk Hüll

                                                      In case anyone is wondering, this is more healing than a tango gives you for eating a tree (7.1)


                                                        There's only 15 hero's that don't have a win rate higher than 50% with this item.
                                                        The 15 below 50% rate are in the 40th percentile and probably climbing.

                                                        Just a interesting little fact.


                                                          nice nice!




                                                              ur gey

                                                              Tormented Demiurge

                                                                I'd like to point out that 'HotD beats Drums in terms of health regeneration, while costing exactly the same.' is not quite up to date, as Drums ingredients were changed and it provides mana regeneration from a Sage's Mask now. The only health regen it provides would come from the 6 strenght so... not a lot.