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            Good read. From my experience playing shit-tier dota, QOP is still pretty weak. Most players can't dominate the laning stage enough, and she has the same old flaws.



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                          That's a pretty juicy tidbit of information. Blademail is a cheap item to be buying that late in the game and severely increases QOP's survivability for the exact moment she needs it: to get in, ult, and get out. Blink can't quite be used twice within that time reliably, but with some coordination you really should be quite fine. And not every situation will force you into getting the octarine, you might be fine without its extra lifesteal.

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                              take me to motherland russia, please.. SEA dota too much cancer Kappa


                                First of the bat Get Midas then get orchid first or euls,(depend on the game), get mjolnir or radiance if it greedy,then get doctrine core and lastly get blade mail..after that is everything that's good for( brought to u by admiral bulldog and Baumi)

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                                  The post is good. Just don't hover near the 1st retards at the comment section.

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                                    Pleasee don't spam 1st, 2nd comments. Thanks.


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                                        just becaue sumail or another pro does shit in a pub doesnt mean its meta this and the ember post are shitposts

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                                          the metas they are a changing


                                            BORG.OneOfFive the Ember magic damage build was recently used in a pro game by EternalEnvy, and they stomped. I'd say that it is relevant, not just a shitpost.

                                            Aegon Targaryen

                                              soooooo that is why sumail bought a blademail with alche vs sniper? damn this kid is soooooo smart


                                                No! Sumail saw no[O]ne with rapier. He knew snipers attack speed was high so he removed something and put blademail. Rest was history

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                                                  he replace radiance into blademail so sniper cant miss :v , yea sumail so good

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                                                    Nice job on the paragraph titles ;)

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                                                        lol that paragraph title

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                                                          I see what you did there with the paragraph titles. Maybe reference Queen once to top it all off?

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                                                            Real nice build not meme
                                                            Met one in my smurf, again, and my DPS carries can't do shit to her 1v1


                                                              Why would they recommend the +GPM talent when in the previous article they noted that +GPM and +XPM are one of the worst talents, only somewhat better than -Respawn

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                                                                I enjoyed the song title sub-titles references even if no one else did!

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                                                                      Hey man! Can I translate your posts on dotabuff into my language and post it on my facebook page, crediting your name?

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                                                                        Do not forget the 32 damage or whatever that comes from blade mail

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                                                                          Focusing an entire build on a lvl 25 talent you might or might not actually get to level up in a match seems like a dumb idea.More often than not the game just ends before lvl. 25 At what point you're supposed to get the BM on QoP... don't tell me people sacrifice an entire slot for BM instead of getting something like an orchid or any disable good on her.

                                                                          Sir Viver

                                                                            IceAmphibian has killed this meta. Rest in pieces, QoP.