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    I don't know what's going on. Anyone having any idea? People say it is something with Miracle's indigestion.

    pinoy supp0rt

      Price negotiations. quite standard


        Miracle got food poisoning and the game had to be postponed.

        *screams in Russian*

          He probably had really bad diarrhea from food poisoning. Left during the draft, probably to shit, came back, sat for a minute, and had to shit again. Makes sense since he had a bandage on his right arm when the game started, probably from IV fluids to rehydrate him.

          HexyRose :X


            HexyRose :X

              anyone knows why did ILTW build Echo on spec?


                @HexyRose :X it's a good item on Spectre. The hero sturggles with mana regen problems early on, and with haunt the first hit is a double attack if you buy echo sabre. Also it works really well with diffusal blade and skadi, items that spec loves to buy.

                HexyRose :X

                  ^thanks, it was the first time I saw such build for spectre