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General DiscussionHow different is crusader and legend bracket?

How different is crusader and legend bracket? in General Discussion

    Just calbirated at crusader I want to know how different it is from legend
    Like what legend players do better from crusader ?

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      create space for carry either farm or push,support do rotation map/stacking camp,push fast for map control and more communication.correct me if i wrong


        They are just a little bit better

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          Crusader: You can plant mines literally in front of the enemy and they will still walk right on them. If lucky you might just get a free rampage.

          Legend: You can plant mines in front of the enemy, they will drop a sentry, you de-ward that sentry and there's still a good chance 3 of the players will walk right on those mines.


            I used to be Legend 2 back in 2019. To me it seems around Crusader people are not thinking about the game, they are just playing. The games feel very slow compared to higher ranks, people are just afk hitting creeps instead of using smokes, taking roshan or pushing towers.


              Mechanics, Strategies, etc., try to push a lane as 4 heroes, and let your carry farm til he got 1 decent item (ex.diffusal) and let him join the fight, ez win. After a fight always try to push a tower.


                my ideal prob to ancient+ brackets is that people are good at farming, but once it comes for tactics, smokes, kills, gangs and so on people suck at it and make mistakes resulting in losing the game. LIke how many times ive lost my games either be push t3, fighting 4v5, not going on roshan or people simply fightiing 2v5 either be my mistakes or ally's. Killing creeps is easy. Predicting where is the safest and quickest route for farming is hard.

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                  Nothing man legends are like crusaders they just a title 😂😂😂

                  The time has come!

                    Most games I play the two teams let their carry farm and the team that wins most fights during that wins,. #legend


                      In these days dota (playing on Australia server only) i would say its huge difference and you can't really compare these two brackets. Its not always about experience as we got now experienced dota players in each bracket.
                      Its mostly pure skill who win the games experience far away to be enough.
                      You need to get better each game and try hard if you want to climb to legend.

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                        I used to be 3k MMR in 2014-15 and after a few years break I came back I'm now sub 2k lol.

                        First thing I noticed, whereas it used to be 80% of my games were decided by the matchmaker and 20% your skill could actually have a strong affect on the game, these days on the low population servers (Aus, South Africa, Japan, etc.) it's more like 90% decided by the matchmaker and 10% my plays have a strong impact. (This statement assumes you are not a 7k skilled player playing at 2k).

                        The second thing I noticed was that 2k players nowadays are WAY better than 2k players in 2015. Back then 2k players literally NEVER smoked. Warding was occasionally good but dewarding was complete garbage. These days dewarding and smoke ganks are common, I've even seen heralds doing it. Generally speaking map awareness has improved as well as an understanding of roles. (My theory on this is that all the people who quit dota in the last 5 years were the ones who never played very well in the first place, people who never bothered learning the intricacies because that takes study, which is boring).

                        One weird thing I have noticed is that the skill difference between 2 different crusaders can sometimes be huge. I've seen crusaders that played like heralds and others that played like legend V. Some people are aware of things like lane pressure and choosing a good fight (as opposed to running directly at 5 enemies as if you have god-mode on) and others are clearly completely oblivious.

                        Actually, overall I would say this is the biggest difference between Crusader and Legend, fight selection. Understanding when your team is strong, what is a good LOCATION for a fight and setting up in advance with wards and dust when you see the enemy moving into your territory. Most crusaders seem to just run facefirst into any engagement without any thought for these things.


                          In legend bracket you always get the same set of hero picks, where high winrate heroes are usually found. In archon or lower, you get a wider variety of hero picks which means a more diverse meta. It is quite easy to win against opponents who pick idiot heroes like Io, Shadow Demon, Batrider as most of the time they dont quite know what they are doing. Since there are only 4 pple in your team who have the potential to pick idiots, you just need patience to climb out of archon, while for crusader, due to their lower skill is much faster to advance.

                          In legend, successful players usually try to find hereos to counter the meta. There are certainly smurfs in legend, even for support roles, but if they pick the wrong hero, no matter how good they are, they can still lose. Example smurf Tinker, and opponent counters with Zeus or Timber.

                          It seems like Bristle is becoming very popular in legend bracket. People try to counterpick by picking Faceless and Legion, supports who may counter him are Silencer and Lion. Meta now revolves around very tanky heroes like Medusa and Centaur, so try and find those anti tanks.


                            No difference


                              crusaders are 2k and legends are 3k


                                or are crusaders 1k idek


                                  Crusader 1 starts at around 1.3K MMR and Crusader 5 gets up to 2.3K (Archon starts around 2.35K)
                                  Legend 1 starts at ~3050 MMR, Legend 5 gets up to 3.8K (Ancient starts at 3.9)
                                  You’re looking at a 2000 MMR difference at some points(Crusader 2 compared to Legend 4, for example). That’s really big. Maybe concepts such as tp rotations, smoke ganks, dewarding have trickled down over the years (there’s some truth to those saying that “2K now is harder and more advanced from 4 years ago”), but generally the Legend player would be ahead in several small aspects(farm patterns, last hitting, midgame strategy, objective-taking oriented) and that advantage starts to grow.