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General DiscussionHow is the Legend bracket like in EU?

How is the Legend bracket like in EU? in General Discussion
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    Got to Archon at the end of december. Currently at archon 3, 33 percent. How much difference should I expect from legend players when It comes to mechanics, decision making and drafting, e.t.c. ? Also, I've seen posts on reddit concerning the irregular skill level of players there. Like actual 1k players who just happen to be in the legend bracket. Does this still hold true?

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      They are still braindead but might be sligthly better at not failing every cs


        Till 6k dota sucks
        And yes, an actual 2k player can be 5k just by playing the game for thousands of times.
        Go ahead and check slardar/ls.

        If you toss a coin 7k times, it wont be 50.00% heads. Its morelike 50.50 or some shit. Thats how i feel about these guys, they are just lucky to be here. 0 skill


          Kowa that is a very rude thing to say about someone you don't even know. What if they are just better at other aspects of the game that you are not the best at? :-) I think it's our job to spread positivity and kindness amongst our community and make it a pleasant experience for new/other players.

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            yeah i am very rude and you are very retarded indeed.
            i am very positive and kind if you just buy a fucking boot after i write it 10 times for you


              well in archon i saw people just 5man and run around in legend it's like if ur ahead and enemys behind they will literally sit in their base until u push and throw which is bad obviously so u gotta tell u team ward their side of the map farm their jungle get roshan etc for 10minutes do what u please and then once ur 30k gold ahead just end and yea u will get screamed at for doing the correct play 9 out of 10 times so id advise muting legends cuz they are clueless


                oh shit did i just lost another game bcz of dogshit ls players and lastpick riki mid with 13k fucking ranked matches????
                NO WONDER!

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                  Look at the bright side? shall we? You got to divine 3 which means you're now closer to 6k than ever before. Also, I feel like you'll call 6k bracket full of dogs once you get there, lol


                    most likely