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    so because im man of honor and im not a liar (fuck u abyss) i wasted this day of my life (till now 22 years combined) and i played 10 games with treant pos 5. i know, u crusader (normal skill generally) wont shut ur shitty mouth up still. but well that was what i promised (fuck u abyss again).
    so here we go, this is the link to it. mmr after calibration 1.7k, behavior score 5.7k.

    2 games i lost, one because enemy had tryhard smurf, im not saying it wasnt winnable, if i had +800 games on treant (OmegaLUL) and also i was familiar with what these dogshit cores thinking about i could play better. anyway imagine tryhard smurf turtling game with sniper against ppl who dont know how to initiate.

    the other one btw, was a shit show, not every game is winnable. i gave my pos 1, 3 kills in 2 min and he bought morbid mask. game was over before its started.

    anyway this is the summary for ppl who are lazy to read.


      yes, its impossible to get out of normal skill bracket with supporting. KEKW
      yes. treant is out of meta and thats very related. PepeLaugh

      cant w8 to read ur normal skill High value High IQ responses :)


        pogu picking support on ur smurf

        Marshall doesn't Mather

          i mean in that bracket u can just take all the cs and win the game urself lmao


            no, wtf. dont say it. our beloved crusaders like to do pos 5 properly(so they put the blame on their carry who cant cs), and i did that properly. not farming lane or jungle. avg 10-20 lh if u check. just fight them like crazy.


              12% pickrate in high bracket


                ^ some dudes who are ignored by u in some threads saying this when im saying treant is in meta

                META is depended the environment u are! There is no universal META across all brackets


                  I started out 900 solo and 1200 party I supported until about 3k with a 65-70% winrate on support heroes till that point. I got stuck at 3k solo 4k party so I learned to carry mainly learning the cheese picks cuz they have most impact. You CAN support in low bracket and escape

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                    lol fk u abyss message made me laugh


                      y u so triggered with normal skill player? its beyond their limit.
                      just tell em to subs 1 year doto plus in order to get immortal gameplay.


                        ^yeah ...

                        honestly i just made this thread to give abyss a big f u

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                        Ryūjin no ken wo kurae

                          yes. treant is out of meta and thats very related. PepeLaugh

                          I don't think meta even starts anywhere lower than idk high 4k's - 5k mmr. U can just pick w/e and make it work. Compared to 6k - 7k + games, you can just lose from the draft, because someone has a 1st pick or a last pick. Yeah I know last pick huskar, brood or w/e can be cancer in all mmr ranges, but still, it's manageable to win.


                            hello dotabuffers, its a joke. its called sarcasm. ಠ_ಠ


                              fk u abyss


                                What’s up with this eluminum guy trashing normal skill when he’s normal Skill bracket ?


                                  Well played! Very well done!

                                  I checked your builds and watched some replay. What did I learn? I learnt why I'm not anymore this 80% win rate guy with Treant as I used to be. I should be playing ultra aggro as I used to do and more selfish. Fuck living armor for team mates when they anyway won't use it.

                                  I have played too complex game I should go back to basics. Focus on own game no more complex PRO stuff anymore


                                    I should be playing ultra aggro

                                    isnt this the nature of hero buddy? u dont need to be ultra aggro, just dont be afk whole game :)
                                    more selfish. Fuck living armor for team mates when they anyway won't use it.

                                    lol? im always maxing living armor first, i have it lvl 2 when im 5 in all my games (except the ones we stomping so i got 2 point in W instead or the first game which i didnt noticed leveling Q cost u more mana!)

                                    im always using my armor, i have <15 lh in most of my games, i buy wards as much as i can, then he call me selfish, hilarious

                                    imagine calling a "meteor hammer" free gameplay which used to nuke waves and speeding ur next trash item (aghs) SELFISH.


                                      Mulli bullied...

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                                        i mean as long as i remember, last time u played treant as pos 4 with my beastmaster, in laning stage u dragged a whole fucking wave to jungle and farmed it for no reason. u didnt even ping me so i come. u ruined my xp and gold for no reason. u dare to talk about being selfish? seriously?

                                        i tp my braindead 4k carry to big waves with chen so he farm them instead of me and ^this is u when u playing on 4k mmr party game :)


                                          imagine watching replays of a guy who saved his teammates from lc ults with living armor non stop and saying this

                                          Fuck living armor for team mates when they anyway won't use it.

                                          yes billy, your teammates should use living armor, not u PepeLaugh.

                                          anyway no more wasting energy for no reason. it is what it is. either ppl having the IQ needed for sth and they manage to do the job on their own or they wont understand no matter how much u trying. thats life.


                                            U got me wrong about LA using. I have lately played pos 5 Treant with LA really maxed and used it preemptive way too which sadly is too complex PRO META for my mid lane etc.

                                            I was not saying anything negative about your game play just noticed how u play as I used to play back in times when I had 80% win rate as TP


                                              Noticed also how I try too much to see full map all the time when focusing more my own surroundings would be better. So lately I have tried too much to play 100% efficiency and it might have hindered my efficiency. So going back in basics and playing more my own game would be good I think

                                              Legendary Tales

                                                Feeders feed, laughers laugh but Kowareta.. She? just carries on!


                                                  So, the conclusion is:

                                                  Proper supporting win games, even in low(est) bracket. Nice job, Kowareta

                                                  Legendary Tales

                                                    You know in the real world only women are support... Its important to notice the misogeny in dota because only about 15% of players are girl while about 40% of roles are support.. How can men adapt to such horrible conditions? I vote we remove "soft support" and look to the jungle to solve our problems!


                                                      Im seein good results playing as support compared to playing decent offlane and still lose the game. And to que faster. Queing as carry took you almost 30 mins