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    Why today I suddenly felt like dota 2 is so loud? Only dota 2 not youtube or twitch or anything.

    Things I did before this happened:
    -Update Dota 2
    -Update Windows 10

    Also I know what you're thinking "just lower the volume 4head" yes I did that you fucking piece of shit I'm tired to everyone I asked keep suggesting that shit including kowareta, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY SUDDENLY I FELT IT'S SO LOUD.




        I donno maybe u have brain tumor? It make everything feel so loud or u are Finnish


          Semi support and core

          I hope this make u feel better


            ^What the fuck

            Also also don't google your symptoms



                Alright guys new update for this problem, after surfing for almost 8 hours worth of depression I finally found the solution, it's not from 4chan, it's not from steam forum, and it's not from dotabuff either, it's from reddit (thanks reddit).

                So the problem is because of this new update somehow my default speaker configuration on dota 2 change to 7.1, 5.1, 4, and 2 (default) when before it should be set to headphones (default) so when I go into demo and hear the sound difference between default (which is 7.1, 5.1, 4, and 2) to headphones I found out that headphones setting is my previous hz before this problem so now I set it to headphones which is good because I use headphones tho.

                BIG THANKS TO REDDIT USER u/Ender161 I love you dude if I know you in real life I'd give you money, expensive things or even my virginity to you for this!

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                  who cares


                    Shut the fuck up degenerate, go back to 4chan.

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                    Pale Mannie

                      EDIT: thanks for the gold kind stranger