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    I am relaxed and in control while Playing rank match, though I cannot control myself during tournaments. I need some assistance on how I can tame my fear, sometimes my fingers wont move. Any tips is much appreciated


      i think you gotta get used to it,i was really afraid too when playing rank match

      heck actually all my tournaments i dont get afraid and actually excited,because i haven othing to lose lol not like lose mmr

      i tink u gotta get hyped by the tournament fear should be gone

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        just be calm cuz its only a game, I used to be really afraid and get nervous until I learned to be calm because stressing yourself in a video game won’t help you

        Dota not fun

          Slow deep breaths


            @Fearchairu well, we have an entrance fee and it cost a lot for me, so I have something to lose and I wanna play more in the tournaments but the fact that when I lose 1 set of match, it means game over. My brain is constantly thinking about that and it wont get out of my head.


              Easy for you I think, but its really hard for me when you just say "just be calm" and put that kind of mindset. But I'll try


                Yeah that would help but I cant do that in game though, it would ruin my focus


                  If you are afraid of people - beat the game. If you are afraid of the game - beat people. Although, why getting rid of tournaments hype, it will pass and you wll miss it.

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                    Remember its just a game and unless you are competing at the highest level whether or not you win or lose has very little impact on your life.


                      So what you're describing is actually super common. I used to have a fear of going ranked mm, and for the first year of casting tournaments I used to get so nervous I'd be shaky.

                      What's happening is that your body is responding to the stress by flooding you with adrenaline, provoking a fight or flight reaction. This happens in anything from physical danger, to feeling like you're under emotional attack, or going to a job interview.

                      The main thing is that adrenaline combines with the current emotional state and makes you too nervous to play well.

                      Adrenaline + worry = anxious behaviours, nervous energy, uncontrollable movements (twitching), seizing up.

                      So how can you change that? By changing the emotional state that's combining with the adrenaline.


                      1. Adrenaline + Joy
                      2. Adrenaline + Excitement
                      3. Adrenaline + Friendship

                      In my case,
                      1. I have often fallen back on my love of dota or the joy I feel when I cast to push me through challenges and anxiety
                      2. When I played tournaments in DOW2 I was always super nervous and defeated myself despite getting winning advantages against the best. I look back on those days with some pride now, but I learned to be hyped about my JDL matches and the progress I was making. More experience of tournaments will also help in your case, it's natural to get some anxiety about it.
                      3. Look at OG, their togetherness and always hugging and supporting each other. It shows in their play as well as their ability to keep it together on the biggest stage in Dota. I wouldn't say necessarily that OG are the best team ever but their togetherness and friendship is a huge part of their success.

                      What does this mean for you?

                      Well, you have team members, and I have that you guys are friends. If you're nervous about things, talk to them about it. Express your worries, and then hopefully you guys can have a joke and a laugh. I like hugs from my friends when I'm worried. Maybe that's too macho for you :P

                      Regardless, replacing the emotion of worry about the huge money investment and 1 life gaming will be your best shot at channeling your adrenaline into hype or joy will not make you calm, but it may even make you feel better because you are redirecting your adrenaline from bad to good. The nirvana of mentality is achieving flow state- that's when you'll be at your very best.


                        Bruh it's just basic psychology just like the reason why Virtus Pro dominate in dpc but underperformed when ti came.

                        You are nervous because you are afraid you won't do well, because people/team expect you to do it well and that's how you perceive their action or opinion towards you.

                        I get nervous too. We all do to a certain extent. No matter how tough you are or how good you are at your particular things or activity, there are situations that are going to heighten your physical and physiological arousal. The first thing to know is that these physical sensations are completely normal, yes NORMAL.

                        We are built with a nervous system that is designed to bring out physiological arousal to prepare us to perform.

                        So, rather than saying to yourself I am nervous about this tournament change to the thought to I am excited about this tournament. It is a minor but incredibly important modification in your thinking. At the heart of both statements is performance anxiety but one statement is far more positive than the other. When your tournament is coming up, use some self-talk, say to yourself, I am so excited about this tournament, I can barely stand still, my heart is beating so fast, my body WANTS to complete. Use this energy to sharpen your mind and body and prepare for competition.

                        I felt this too when I participate in a small tournament in my area I thought I can do like what I usually do but then when me and my team got into the arena I feel nervous because I was afraid that I won't do well and disappoint my friends, but at that time I wasn't accustomed to do this kind of things so we lost on the first try.

                        But then the more I do it the less nervous I get even tho I lost again xD and never win a single tournament but if I remember correctly at the 3rd phase I gives zero fucks about everything around in that arena, I treated every situation in there just like usual and normal.

                        "If you ever feel nervous in a Dota 2 tournament and afraid that you won't do well, just don't get nervous 4head it's that easy" -LegendaryHD


                          @Shepherd of Fawns
                          Holy shit that is some nice explanations. I felt motivated and happy reading that,Thank you.


                            best way to practice ti is playing it
                            best way to not fear of tournaments is playing it
                            i guess so.
                            just dont give up and dont let that feelings get over u.


                              Yep, you described my mentality moments ago if not for shepherd of fawns, luckily we won 2-0 and our next match is tomorrow. Btw I created this thread after the game since I think it wouldnt be good if I keep this up.

                              I guess I need some experience and more self control to get accustomed. thanks for the help ma bro

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                                Yeah, trying my best to do that


                                  Face your fears, thats how you get over them.
                                  Voluntarily experience that which you fear and you will overcome it.
                                  If its to much you divide the problem into bits and do small parts more and more.
                                  Thats what psychologists do with people that have phobias.


                                    You have just smoke a blunt and not give a fuqqqq

                                    Why did OG win TI? bc they didn't get a SINGLE FUKKK

                                    other people are trying their hardest to perform, while they memeing and it makes people play differently cuz it means anything can happen

                                    be unpredictable, keep enemies guessing

                                    but ur afraid cuz ur afraid of deranking in a video-game.

                                    why u care about MMR? U gonna show ur girlfriend when u finally get one and think she'll suck ur dick cuz of MMR? She will suck ur dick for free man


                                      Bruh which tourney are u participating in ?


                                        I havent played a single tourney in mah lyfe except for qualifiers


                                          Its just something you get over once you do it enough


                                            Some common demam panggung bro, you need to relax your mind


                                              I think you just get used to it haha


                                                B1G N00B 200x +1


                                                  Thank you everyone for your supports and help, it means much to me.
                                                  I will put into practice what I learned here.


                                                    Good luck in the tournament ^^


                                                      what I do is I take a shower moisturizer and I get REAL wide
                                                      get over a toilet and go like this - HAKUNA MATATA AAAAAAHAKUNA MATATA - nothing happens
                                                      thats just to scare it to get ready
                                                      cut to 17 hours later, im in my bed shitting my balls off

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