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    Hi guys so I'm just back to climbing MMR rank after just chilling with normal matches for quite long.

    After my calibration, I'm now at Legend 1. My question is, can I continue to ear MMR by playing in party with my friends until Legend 5 (from what I heard, you can ear MMR in party up until Legend 5), then switch back to solo to progress beyond Legend 5 (to Ancient at least).

    So will it look like this: from Legend 1 (right now) ==> party mmr from Legend 1 to Legend 5 ==> solo mmr from Legend 5 to Ancient and beyond?

    Thanks for any tips and sorry for my English.


      They changed that with Legend 5, you can now reach Ancient 5 with party ranked. But from Ancient 5 on, you have to play solo rankeds to climb higher.