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    i played ~ 4 games in 1,5 weeks due to internet problems and simply doing other things... now i finally feel less retarded is that good?


      I had the same problem but I've kept "reducing" until I've reached 1 game/year. I feel a lot better now.


        hahahahah do jaja !

        Dire Wolf

          I'm definitely way less stressed and get more sleep when I'm dota free.


            i sleep way way better... and i woke up like i was actually sleeping! :)


              Yeah, I'm pretty sure a lot of people are "reducing dota" nowadays.
              Lazy trash "we don't need to communicate towards our playerbase" Valve certainly isn't helping.


                exactly... few weeks ago when thed announced - 1mil. players less (from 13mil per month to 12 ..) i started to get rly worried cuz i am a big fan of the game, but now i simply dont care. Its so wierd

                Pigeon (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

                  For some reason I have to "practise" by playing bot games and such for like 3 hours or something until I finally convince myself to play a real game which is annoying so i don't really play if I can't play for several hours


                    too much dota makes you stupid.

                    it makes you disconnected from worldly affairs. It makes your brain lazy (from doing the same shit over and over). It hinders your social skills. It distances you from people who (used to) care about you. It makes you fat from lack of physical activity.

                    And we all love it anyways.