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General Discussionhow do i git good in solo mmr

how do i git good in solo mmr in General Discussion

    title says all

    explain to me in detail pls im too lazy to analyze my own replays

    good pos 4 (VERY GOOD)

      stop playing heros you're bad with (>50%winrate)


        play support and everyone will love you .


          i'm just gonna end it here, no matter what anyone is gonna tell you:

          there's no holy grail that will make you pro overnight, you're asking the same question as ''how do i finish school without ever opening a textbook''


            Persistence my young friend


              Masterbating to replays of miracle .

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              Niii GOOOD JOB

                go carry like PA, Magina, Jug, Lc. All good for boost ur MMR bro, if you in tbd match i guess better play party with ur friend MMR > 4 K so u get high party MMR TBD, and u can go solo MMR. Better u do it from 1st match in normal match party with ur friend who has MMR >4 K. I Guess is work to get VHS.