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    Hello everyone. I have'not played ranked games but i want to learn my estimated mmr. I looked OpenDota but I did not see my estimated mmr on my profile can anyone tell me how can i learn ?


      Play ranked is easiest


        you'll be between 1k5 and 2k i believe


          I started playing ranked pretty much at the same point where you are and got calibrated in 400mmr. Dont expect too much


            Do not play rank unless ur wins are more than ur loss .



              look at the shit people buy, has to be below 2k for sure


                i'd say mid 1k at best

                JOLLY GREEN GIANT

                  the lower the mmr the more deadalus

                  No One Ever Really Dies

                    how about me bro? i dont even party with 3k friend but i have 2 high skill?

                    No One Ever Really Dies

                      is this really work? how to open this to 3k???

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                        Me too my mmr estimation don't appear

                        JOLLY GREEN GIANT

                          in your games every hero has either:

                          dagon 5

                          =0.5 - 1.5 k


                            Lmfao the lower mmr the more daedalus 10/10.

                            Positive Mental Attitude

                              Higher than hanter's real MMR


                                Opendota sais youre at 1443 est. Mmr

                                you're gone

                                  i search my name in dota in open dota the result is 3914 estimated mmr! that is true ? search this YOURE GONE its 3 9 !