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General DiscussionIs it just me or is this game just a tad bit more toxic?

Is it just me or is this game just a tad bit more toxic? in General Discussion

    So I am VERY new to Dota. I have never played any variation of the game until now. So I'm trying to learn this complicated game. I haven't even completed the first few games to unlock all the characters.

    So 80% of the games i've played have had 3+ individuals be toxic as all hell. They should be able to see my level and understand that I am new to the game.

    This past game, my entire team was level 25. I was behind, lv 23. I was walking towards a bounty shrine so I could get some exp to catch up to the rest of the team and someone guy teleport takes it and I ask him "Why did you take it? im the only one not 25 yet" and he goes "report him. report ogre" and telling the enemy team to report me for asking why they took the shrine.

    Not to mention, I cant find anyone who is freaking English that plays the game. I can speak Spanish, but damn I want to communicate with my team.

    All of this is not creating a positive experience of the game. I can't even report people because I have a report limit. For an entire week. That makes no sense.


      Yes dota players are toxic fucks.

      But maybe if u didnt leave 50% of your games you would get less toxic people


        U leave a lot of games
        Abandoning is super bad so this means I'll be matched with other people who abandon, who tend to be toxic cuz they rage quit.
        It did say it wud match u with high behavior score people for the first few matches but I'm pretty sure u blew that.

        Aran Maleq

          Not enough cancer till u fought midas jungle lc in ur team and he swearing and trashtalk with alien language

          -Min 1
          Ako jungle,2 tango ward jungle

          -Min 20
          Midas with boots, dive then feed

          -Min 30
          Putang ina bobo team!

          Rip asia


            -1000 behavior score per abandon, at your rate you should be meeting people who are regulars in low priority


              I got a new computer. If you check the dates of my "leaves" due to a bad computer you'd see i havent touched Dota 2 for almost 1-2 years.


                I thought that as well until I launched CSGO again.


                  It's cause there are very very few new players. 98% of all new accs are just secondary accs. So people just expect your a old player on new account that sucks. You should explain at the beginning of a match your genuinely new.


                    And also this is the most toxic game ever


                      I'm pretty sure that even tho it may be 1 to 2 years old since u haven't seemed to have played much in between it doesn't matter
                      It may be old time wise but not game wise

                      Raj Limbasia

                        maybe you should make a new account


                          Hello fellow dota player. Don't leave games - like ever. Hope, but don't expect nice people in your team. Check languages before finding a match - it's just next to find match button. You can choose up to 2 languages. Don't play in servers with more than 100 ping - ping really affects your gameplay. Don't tilt - it's just a video game - it's not worth your destroyed nerve cells. But don't be ignorant and/or uncaring - apply as much effort as you can to win a match. Sometimes play with bots - but leave the match as soon as you die - thus you'll analyze your deaths and try not to die in real games. Find me on facebook if you need further advice


                            its highly biased to ur performance, the game is incredibly competitive and the more of a newbie you are, the more likely people around you start raging

                            but yeah, the community is very toxic. in a different way to cs:go, but the level of toxicity is similar


                              New players are matched with people with high behaviour score. Rofl


                                Play against unfair bots. Get familliar with the game first. Also it takes like 1000 games to understand basics, so once again think it over if it's worth playing this game.

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                                あなたに出会わなければ ~夏雪冬花~

                                  its sad actually that new player have to play with smurfs and not a real new player.

                                  and yeah its hard to be new , either deal with it and improve or just give up


                                    Im not sure if I want to make a whole new account just do to behavior score. Typically I do explain that I am new to the game and 1 or 2 people acknowledge that and are fine with it. Its just the rest of the players that couldn't give a damn if I am new or not.


                                    I'm slowly understanding how the game works so that i'm not too far behind but man this game is unforgiving.


                                      play with coop bots for a while. when you have learnt basic stuff go play with humans.


                                        Bro don't even start dota it's a trash game, ppl will always talk shit so deal with it, these players are cancer.


                                          If you die even once these spanish people go off on you saying "REPORT REPORT" then they go on a cursing spree and expect that their report is going to mean anything when its gonna show them as the aggressors.

                                          The Logic in reporting someone but you've been insulting and cursing at them for the past 45 minutes.

                                          I stay quiet for 90% of the game until it gets annoying that they keep ping spamming and crying in chat. My god.

                                          It gets to the point where if I am playing a carry, my "support" takes my farm and I end up saying F* it and going to the jungle because he refuses to stop stealing it from me.

                                          Raj Limbasia

                                            You should try and be a team player


                                              there is no teamplay before really high mmr so just play your own game an learn to win

                                              cheer up, skeleton

                                                theres an option called "mute all incoming chat", tick it i guarantee u wont regret it and its worth occasional miscommunication problems


                                                  Your carry could be 100 gold from buyback or a big item. Thats why you are a position 5 ogre. I play a lot of 4 and 5 position and if me and a higher prio hero are both near a rune, sometimes they will ping it to let me have it.

                                                  Other times, if say you are a poor support and need 85 more gold for boots or a euls or something, you ping that status in your quickbuy and if you arent playing with cancerous assbags, maybe they let you have it.

                                                  Otherwise, if i was a position 1 and my 5 took a rune, i'd be a little salty about it too


                                                    "I stay quiet for 90% of the game until it gets annoying that they keep ping spamming and crying in chat. My god."

                                                    Just mute them, it will make your life more pleasant.


                                                      but yeah, the community is very toxic. in a different way to cs:go, but the level of toxicity is similar

                                                      TripleSteal, could you elaborate on this a bit? I've always assumed they have the same toxicity


                                                        @AIDS, sometimes you need to give the support a rune, it might open a window of opportunity to gank. Except if it was a regen rune and you are low on health, and a full hp supp took it, i would be mad too.


                                                          While I understand that could be 100 gold off their next item, 80% of the time they arent. they just garb it because they are greedy.

                                                          For Ogre 15% spell amplification for hitting 25 is nothing to scoff at. I've squashed people with a lucky multicast. If I ask for the rune while your busy in lane and only because I ask did you think "oh shit the runes there" and you teleport and grab the rune, it means you are being kind of a dick. If I had the map awareness to see a rune and had the ->courtesy<- of asking the team for it first but you take it and then say "report ogre" for me asking for the rune.

                                                          It means that you are the dick.

                                                          and by "you" i mean the people who do that ofcourse.

                                                          Raj Limbasia

                                                            You seem pretty toxic


                                                              I don't have to be the "team player" to people who force me into roles I dont want to play. I don't have to be a "team player" when I act nice all game and I get shit talked for asking for a bounty rune.

                                                              I find it comical you are saying i seem toxic when its the very community that creates more toxic people. If people didn't do this shit to begin with, you wouldn't see me here now would you?

                                                              I don't have to fall in line to any role you give me. If I want to play a carry now I just pick it. Because out of the all the games ive played everyone picked Carries and Tanks and then said "GO SUPPORT GO SUPPORT" whenever I hovered over another carry and then I was forced to go support, otherwise it'd be toxic af all over again.

                                                              So no.

                                                              I WAS a team player. But guess yall messed that up.

                                                              Positive Mental Attitude

                                                                You're kinda screwed. It's your region. US and SEA are insanely toxic compared to EU, China and Rus.

                                                                You will have to use the mute function. When playing on EU/Rus people get toxic around the 3k mark.


                                                                  Sea is fine.


                                                                    my friend, leaving and getting reported within your 25 games will give you similar players who were reported as well. playing shit all the time will grant you many reports btw


                                                                      Also one of the reasons why I instapick support before these core players cast disaster on themselves


                                                                        @DT Liquids™ Yes I know I have a leave in several of my 25 games but i had a GARBAGE computer back then. I could barely play the game on the lowest settings. Which is why if you check the dates I didn't play a single game for over 2 years until i got a better computer just this week.

                                                                        Unfortunately, my behavior rating doesnt change just because i haven't played for 2 years. Which sucks. But I don't want to make a whole new account.

                                                                        Still I win some games and a lose some games like anyone else. Ive been doing pretty good after learning how to play winter wyvern and somewhat ok with Ogre Magi.

                                                                        Still, people could die twice as much as me and i'd still get the flame just because its how they are. most people I play with anyway. Nothing but cursing me out in spanish.


                                                                          this isnt about behavior score lmfao

                                                                          Raj Limbasia

                                                                            The way you responded shows me you're probably the toxic one who is ruining it for others


                                                                              No. you just accused me saying "You should be a team player" as if I wasn't already being one and just because of your false accusation, you decided me essentially calling your statement false is "toxic". If this is me being toxic, then I wonder what that makes you. Essentially telling someone "just be a team player"(when they already were) which is indirectly just telling them to deal with it and do whatever your team tell you to.

                                                                              Thats like giving someone all the luggage and they say they can't carry all of it despite already holding what they can and you respond with "dude, just be a team player".

                                                                              I've literally been playing for 2-3 days and played over 18 games. 80%! of those i was flamed in and I havent left a single game since ive started playing with an actual computer. If I was toxic and you were looking to my absences as proof, i'd have left games by now. But thats not the case.


                                                                                just try grinding 25 games in coopbots and try again


                                                                                  You could be afking at the wrong times. Shopping during ganks will get you flames lmaoooo

                                                                                  Raj Limbasia

                                                                                    Wont talk about the 6 abandons but you playing a core winter wyvern and rarely buying wards. A jungle juggernaut..... I'm guessing you're a big reason why your team keeps losing. You seem like a toxic jerk and not a team player.


                                                                                      Unaware of things being trash doesn't necessarily mean toxicity

                                                                                      Raj Limbasia

                                                                                        you're right but im not going to watch his games. i assume he probably talks alot in those games and what he says probably aint good. He seems like the type to steal farm from a carry and bitch him out.


                                                                                          See this guy is a clear toxic.

                                                                                          All hes doing is making baseless accusations.

                                                                                          Notice the fact that he completely ignores the fact that I AM NEW TO THE GAME. He expects me to play all support characters as support when there are guides up to play as other roles.

                                                                                          He claims that I am the one who takes the farm when I just stated previously that when I played Luna, they took farm from me.

                                                                                          All this guy likes to do is bait people. So i guess we know who is the toxic one.


                                                                                            man nobody cares whether ure new to the game, esp ur teammates

                                                                                            they are ppl who have played this game for hundreds/thousands of hours and play with someone whos super new to the game and basically loses them the game because ure clueless

                                                                                            id be flaming u as well.. just mute all chat and learn to play dota

                                                                                            hiyori the harmless inari

                                                                                              1. - kind of outdated but it's still quite relevant. Hopefully you find it useful.
                                                                                              2. If everyone is being as toxic as you say, do yourself a favour by muting them all.

                                                                                              Google Open AI -, 2.1.34

                                                                                                this kotodama guy doesnt seem like a new player or I'm just being delusional Kappa

                                                                                                RAGING FURY

                                                                                                  ^i smell some bullshit from op



                                                                                                    Raj Limbasia

                                                                                                      Stop picking support heroes and playing them as core. You pick winter 5 times in a row. You rarely supported on those games and tried to play him differently. Don't want to support don't pick a support.

                                                                                                      Raj Limbasia

                                                                                                        You don't have to support, just stop picking support heroes and not supporting. Why don't you pick something else.