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General DiscussionSo I checked out how well Bloodseeker is doing in TI7

So I checked out how well Bloodseeker is doing in TI7 in General Discussion

    So after 10 patches of straight 'buffs' Bloodseeker is now considered semi-not-shit enough to try picking at TI.

    He has gone 1 win and 5 losses in the group stages far and has the worst winrate of any hero who has been picked more than once or twice.

    Lol. Nice buffs.


      he's quite cancerous in pubs


        any buff from now on will make him op so i hope valve doesnt do that


          And sCCC completely shit on LfY in the first 15 mins of their game as BS mid yesterday and they lost 35-17 or something lul


            probably like in (ti5?), played poorly, with a horrible team compo with him, and mb not even in a favorable matchup.

            Es + bs together is already almost a guarentee win as long as your es is good and opponent doesn't have such an advantage they can let 1 guy in front hitting building.

            Good team with him, horrible item build

            Good team with him, but not enough to cancel out how HORRIBLE he is against enemy pick. Item build even worse than previous game
            Seriously how can one can go that wrong on item building?... wrong starting item and then wrong next 3 items....)

            Horrible matchup, horrible item build

            good matchup, horrible item build, team cann't move a dusa

            Excellent matchup, bad item build (which was adapted since they snowballed)

            bad matchup, good pair but bad team, the worst item build from all games so far

            Edit2: on top of that you have to remember that most of the time, the team which picked bs was weaker than the other one.

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              what would you consider optimal items on BS? phase midas drums? i've heard from my 7k friend that radi's absolute core, but i can see from your games that's not necessarily true

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              M u r d e r

                from my observations, it's like how when i play it in pubs. falls off


                  BS above average atm. I'm not sure why you're complaining OP

                  Story Time

                    typical story for BS: kills a lot and loses the game, end. Same for TA/qop, but with this kruger syndrom that pub players have they are unable to see the weakness of the hero since their logic goes "i had good KDA, best heros, shit team". Typical


                      drum and phase are absolute core.

                      Midas is awesome, cause there's no item that really increase bs' farm, and he is quite bad at finishing the game early. He needs bkb at some point, cause he CAN'T tank, butter is also absolute core, as flutter is totally cheated on bs (as well as awesome stats).

                      yasha (into later sy) is some luxury, but frankly you don't even need it that much -NEVER MANTA, thirst malfunction when illusion of you are on the map, best case you lose truesight on invis unit, worst case you lose all your movespeed/damage-.

                      Bm is shity on bs since the day they removed the double amplification from bloodrage on it.

                      Radiance is NOT core on bs, quite the opposite damage is good indeed, but it doesn't help you to farm faster, it doesn't help you to rat, it doesn't help you to swiftly solo kill people and last but not least, in fight it's an ineficient item, as you are not supposed to tank, you just go in and out, waiting for your time to fuck people in between their cooldown and during your bkb.

                      Anyway, bs (pos1-2) has few rules:

                      1) Ms item are super strong
                      2) you cann't tank, so your defensiv item IGNORE damage and not mitigate them (like bkb butter)
                      3) you are a fucking glass canon don't even try to tank
                      4) taking highground is super hard in frontal way, but you can rat your way quite easily
                      5) never be in front YOU ARE THE SQUISHIEST HERO OF THE GAME

                      Following those, full stuff is like:
                      butter bkb travel sy diffu mkb (sb early in the game is bad, but is a nice late purchage on bs -so you can consider having it there- abyssal is also quite interesting later in the game, aswell as linken in some case.)

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                        this writeup was SUPER useful, thanks a lot.

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                        Pigeon (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

                          is the bloodseeker magic build good? Like euls, octarine, shivas? or is the right click build better

                          spice weasel

                            is the bloodseeker magic build good? Like euls, octarine, shivas? or is the right click build better

                            they're both situational
                            for example, in my last bs game, they had a pa, so I went magic build (literally eblade-dagon) because you don't out-right-click a pa as bs
                            but if they have a lot of spell damage, go right click mode (s&y, butterfly, basher, etc.)


                              so when do you guys pick bs? are there certain strategies you purposely pick into to counter them?

                              I only pick him when the opponent has a highly mobile team (think blink initiators, puck, centaur, slark, etc.) and I have never really built him for right click this patch cos so many other heroes do better in that aspect.

                              you get easy kills in early fights, so you are basically helping your team snowball for them to carry late. he doesn't carry hard late game imo so i feel he is at best pos 2, pos 1 is kinda stretching him a bit.

                              he is like an am if he is caught out of position, without a mobility skill so that makes it even squishier. welp.

                              only death decides for sure

                                Is drums really absolute core though? Especially since it would slow down your midas and getting drums after midas doesn't even make that much sense.


                                  Rad build best build confirmed


                                    Will definitely see a spike on people playing him.

                                    Just like when badman made spectre popular

                                    O.J.'s Juicy Bag of Nuts

                                      Dagon 5 caster BS is underrated. Double bloodrage dagon on 15 second cooldowns and 4 second cooldown 315 pure damage rekts pubs


                                        In 4k pubs, his build can be very versatile depending on synergy and enemy lineup.

                                        Imo, he is weak when enemy team has good coordination and teamfight - which you wouldn't see much in low MMR tiers

                                        Build ideas:
                                        1. BM, Rad - not a fan of straight Rad as he's very strong in mid game teamfights
                                        2. Aquila, SnY, BKB - standard build when with a good team
                                        3. BM - SnY - full commit on mid game, must have DPS mid ally
                                        4. Aquila, Dagon - against squishy lineup


                                          Just go Midas radiance


                                            if he would be buffed, he would be too much of a cancer :(


                                              I've tried different variations of builds and they all feel awkward. Why do I feel like blood is a weak hero mid game when he just has Midas and farming his first core item? I have 30% wr btw rofl

                                              supp0rt picker

                                                i think magic build is quite interest but need team work . the dagon 5 on bs can kill a full hp support. 5 second cd bloodritt at lv 25 is op. if u want a true disable skill on bs just go hex .

                                                Dire Wolf

                                                  I only saw him being picked as a specific counter to lycan. And he absolutely crushed that game, just rupture lycan oh he's out of the fight. They keep building radiance on him which seems weird though. Anyway he seemed fine but definitely a specific counter pick.


                                                    Radiance just makes it so that if u take a long fight bloodseeker goes absolutely ham.
                                                    U also farm fast with it.
                                                    Like if u take a 20 second fight, that radiance is ticking for 70ish dmg and the thirst bonus just keeps going up and up.
                                                    Also I wanted to see bloodseeker and necro for some sick bloodrage reapers. And TBH the heroes synergize decently well and are flexible.

                                                    Dire Wolf

                                                      It was ig vs newbee, I think his only picks at main event and he won both.


                                                      First game seems to counter drow strat well, Silence and rupture good vs od, drow, puck. Second game he crushed lycan, took him out of every team fight with rupture and ig didn't have any other physical dmg just tinker spam so all they had to do was tank magic. Not sure why bs built manta, maybe to dispel laser but he already had bkb.


                                                        I tend to have better success with the dagon build when we are lacking a magic damage core. Usually the build is phase boots -> aquila -> euls -> dagon. Late game items could be eblade, octarine, BoTs, Aether Lens, Aghs, Silver Edge, or Linkens Sphere.

                                                        Euls is so good on this hero because it cancels TPs, gives great mana regen, sets up perfectly for your bloodrite (euls + bloodrite enemy), and makes you insanely fast. You need to stay back and have good positioning due to your squishiness, however, so let someone else frontline/initiate. It is so easy to go 10-0 and then give 1000 gold to the enemy core and lose the game.

                                                        spice weasel

                                                          ethereal blade + dagon is hilarious vs pa


                                                            I know that nobody cares about normal skill players , but when I want to raise mmr I jist go BS jungle first 10-15 min , but I go out when I have my level 6 to help lanes and get a kill or 2, I think in Normal Skill BS is very powerfull early and mid until about 30 min,after that, if you manage to get a strong advantage is posible to win the game but is very hard to play late game against real carrys , against PA i usualy go halbert -bm or silver edge- bm , halbert him and get some hits..then bm and finish the job. You can have a look at a Normal skill player build on bs if you want. ( just normal skill players because VHS players they know everything allready and they dont take in consideration NS noobs)


                                                              OK Now we have Bloodseeker picked in finals


                                                                PLEASE DONT JUNGLE THIS HERO


                                                                  Jungling is the best thing you can do for a 5 man carry draft