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TI7 Open Qualifiers in General Discussion

    Any Dotabuff forum legends entering?

    if not its time to create Team Dotabuff.

    Who would be in it?


      My Cat which is derp.

      Top 1 EU cow

        better chance the navi

        TN_Rmili #Get_Me_Out_Of_Here

          ill join the team and lead you to victory with my 1k skills :)

          Yuma Kuga

            Can someone please carry me to the TI7 main event? Will gift you Dotabuff Plus in exchange :thumbs_up:

            meteor hammer

              i wish lol


                when is it? I might play if my schedule allows me to. best I had so far was 5 rounds I think or 4 idr, time to try for top 64 now XD

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                Dire Wolf

                  I think KR and matrice usually give it a go but not on same team as they are different regions.


                    qualifeir number 1
                    idk whopse fucked up idea it is to put it for daytime during the week, 3 to 5 pm for most eu countries

                    qualifier numba 2 this one is on saturday

                    ill be playing the 2nd one with Florian, probably ragezeus, and maybe sam peckinpah


                      Don't have a team to lead :/

                      wat a good day

                        Anyone wan to form a team to go this. add me 101127323

                        M I L N O R

                          cookie and his 4 best students should enter