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    Hi DB

    I suck ass as off-lane undying and I cannot seem to make him work.

    Typically I go the 1-1-1 followed by another point in soul rip, then max tomb.
    Starting items I get stout, 1 or 2 tangos, 1 ward.

    The build i like to go is arcanes, meck and then scepter, sometimes mix a blademail or force staff depening on match ups.

    The issue I have with him is I get driven from lane, Dirge cannot jungle at all and once you all your stole stats go away, your HP drops hard. Just seems like I cannot contest the safe lanes farm very well.
    Typically I'm dropping tomb in the laning stage to act as a deterent from being dove hard as they stop chasing me and kill my tomb.
    I don't usually die too often (cm+jug) but it just seems like he doesn't have the same impact as a centar , sandking ,slardar.

    Any dirge players care to provide some insights into this hero?



      Lvl1, get mango, spam decay, put tomb, ez fb, even double kill if lucky. Whatever you do, don't unlock 3 skills early game - don't have mana anyway. In for decay+tomb, ignore soulrip.


        He's not that good offlane he's better a tri-lane hero


          I love undying offlane. I pick him vs low burst heroes, Medusa, Veng, Luna, Lion, ES etc... I go OOV, Grab one tango from support, and stats Circlet and GG branches or w.e and I hide in lane moment they run out to farm in a terrible position I throw tomb and rn straight at squisjiest MOFO. 4-5 shots dead. Or if they running a Bursty Tri lane you get some tangoes go Get Decay lvl 1 and a Mango. You hit 3-4 decays and the moment you hit lvl 2 you charge at them with a well placed tomb. As for items I always go mana boots, Tanky Item(Rod of Atos, Vanguard, Hood, Blademail) your choice. Then I buy Aghs, Then I buy Utility/Tank, BKB, Forcestaff, Heart, Shivas, whatever. The rod of atos is my favorite. you just get soo much from it.

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            undying rlly isn't a solo offlane hero, he is more of a agro tri or agro dual offlane hero.
            if u were to play undying offlane I wud start with oov windlace tango if I can contest and its a weak safelane or tango stout salve and some branches.


              It's not an offlane hero. That's why you struggle.


                what is that stupidity, ofc he's an offlane hero

                just because he doesn't solo offlane doesn't make him some other lane hero

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                  Obviously we meant it's not "solo offlane hero", which he is not.

                  meteor hammer

                    if u dont win ur lane with this hero ur basically fucked. just double up with io or some shit. he can be core or support so u can pair him with a ton of cancer heroes


                      OOOOOoooo two 5k's fighting.... dis gonna be gudddd!!!!!! In a thread I started (blush)

                      anyways, thank you for your reply's so far. I have not tried Undying since they changed the rod of atos build up but i could see getting boots, 2x bracers and OOV being pretty deadly.

                      I mean it seems pretty simple, spam some decays , then drop tomb on them. It really helps having some sort of roamer (SB,MK,RIKI,BH) at like lvl 3, but against smart enemies who zone you away from xp and run a trilane, that is when i run into difficulty.

                      If i'm against spec no problem. Its against the Jugs, AM (fucker drains mana and blinks out of tomb) I'm lost as to what to do. I cannot contest his farm and I don't want to feed deaths. UD cannot jungle at all. I suppose without watching a replay you cant really tell what to do wrong.

                      A UD+ veno lane would be pretty cancer against most trilanes, or the tomb+ pugna ward for extra LULZ

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                        Check out my profile link. YOull see some examples. im not 8K but I handle pretty well from 3.5k to 4.5k sooo takje what you will. What you have to do vs those zoning assholes is take the intiation. Hide when they come looking for you you grab one. They cant get away if you psoition tomb right. if they got like KOTL Dazzle, SS etc... dopnt even bother with tombstone. go Decay first and stack a few. TO handle juggs or slark you have to lure them into a false sense of security so sometimes Ill go wand with my GG's and between the stacked Decays right ebfore the spin combo you lure them in. THey will panic and you finish with a decay. you have to get themm to throw thier stuns out early in the skirmish if not you will probably lose it. Esepecially vs juggs or slark

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                            MEKA IS BACK BOYS
                            I usually go mek into greaves if I need dispel then aghs then situational, tho I usually find myself wanting greaves.

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                                @ Mekarazium

                                thanks for the indepth description on how to properly play this hero. I will try forgoing tomb in favor of rip/decay.

                                GOL DO BRASIL!!!!

                                  dont go und offlane, unless is a 1v1, gank with him on put on a trilane


                                    ^ LOL!!!! Undying gets more health with more enemies in lane, 1v1 undying is rubbish.

                                    frances the mute

                                      Yo i love Undying but unfortunately some of these dudes are right. Generally he struggles in a solo position unless you're up against squishy heroes. Or, if you know you can outplay your opponents due to a skill gap, It's usually best to run him as dual offlane with another hero (normally a carry) who pairs well; viper, weaver, venge etc.