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General Discussionhow to change my playstyle to hish skill or maybe very high skill?

how to change my playstyle to hish skill or maybe very high skill? in General Discussion
The One

    do i have to start new acc for this thing?


      You have to git gud

      The One

        git gud? wtf is that?


          Get better at the game. Your skill won't increase unless you make a conscious effort into improving yourself. Creating multiple accounts won't make you better, it'll just make you more delusional. Follow Cookie's stuff. He teaches plebs that want to get better. Be warned though, most of his shit needs dedication

          The One

            try look at my profile and please give me some advice..


              Make a conscious effort to dieing less. This doesn't mean don't participate in fights and play super passive this just simply means becareful of your surroundings, watch the minimap, and be weary of the other teams spells and always checking their items and cooldowns.
              Youre averaging about 9 deaths per game, which is definitely a no go for improving. Id say you will get high skill bracket for just even halving that number alone and working up the ladder.

              DAME GOD DESTROYER

                Look mine bro 9 losing streak but gets hs or vhs


                  your recent winrate is good. but you are dying a lot. stick to one role and focus on one playstyle to improve. in your case, try to farm more and die less

                  washed up

                    How do I change my status to millionaire?

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                      Creating multiple accounts will only result to you adding weight to GabeN's server. It's not gonna make you gud.

                      v  e  n  z  = )

                        how do i get bad though :thinking:


                          ns: 0 - 3.2k
                          hs: 3.2 - 3.7k
                          vhs: 3.7 - 10k

                          simply double your mmr and you'll have always VHS

                          v  e  n  z  = )

                            COOKIE where do you mostly play, i haven't see you play in your main , i want to analyze your recent matches

                            washed up

                              Analyzing 5k shitstomping 1k 🤔

                              v  e  n  z  = )

                                ^ xD's OUT bws

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                                  Why would you want to play in VHS anyway?

                                  If you're not good enough for it you're going to just end up losing every game and having a horrible time...