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Charm Abusing: In-depth guide. in General Discussion

    I saw you guys wanting to get some free sets from your charms, so, lemme show you how it's done.

    [b]Prerequisites[/b]: 10 random items (com,unc,rare, etc), so you can craft charm. More charms - the better, i had ~40 charms somewhile ago, as you remember.
    Nothing else. Sometimes (when compendium is available) you should get it, otherwise you'll be most likely kicked.

    1) Circle - Two games, one of them being your win, and the second one is your lose. If you leave in between the circle you'll get blacklisted most likely. Also includes steam and ingame reports. If you leave after you win and you lose - you're fine.
    2) Radiant (rad) rule - After getting shuffled and finding a game, first team who's getting Rad side wins the game. Typical rule, unless...
    3) Host rule - Used by some people, who can run another dota window, or a decent friend of a host. These runs usually the longest ones, and they last till host is done. Host is trying to [b]balance[/b] winning AND losing teams after someone broke the circle or left after completing it, so people who lost the last game will(!) win the game, no matter which side they are on.


    You join any lobby with names like: ca abuse , charm abusing , compendium abuse, long abuse, abuse charm etc.
    Some of them could be w/ pass.

    After you joined the lobby snipe down(because ur not the only one who's doing this) any slot inside, and ask what kind of rule he's running. Wait for all 10 people to log-in.
    Lobby host will shuffle both teams ~5-6 times. If there's no 2nd host, you could ask to be a host. To be a host - you should add LOBBY leader in Steam, and invite all your peeps on your team in the party.

    After both parties are completed - LOBBY host writes you server info+language. You change from your typical euw to what's mentioned, including language. 1-2-3, you start the search. It can take up to 10 minutes.

    Note: All Pick is easy to miss, but it's the best mode. Captains Mode is hard to miss, you can't abuse charms, but you can complete hero challenges. Random Draft is decent, but you can't get heroes sometimes.

    After the game is found, you pm another host "+", or something like "i found hte game". [b]If 2nd host replies with the same, you should write to your party what they should accept the game[/b]. But if you didn't - you don't accept it, and you receive 5m. penalty. If you can't get 5m. ask for someone else to decline.
    People can leave from both parties at this step, so consider re-lobbying if that happened.

    Game starts. Remember the rules. Don't forget to turn of autoattack.

    Picking stage:
    [b]Winning[/b] team - Nature's Prophet (one of your team MUST take him), and 4 random heroes, preferrably those who can push towers (Lycan, Brood, Venge, Luna etc).
    [b]Losing[/b] team - this is your heropool - Io, Morphling, Medusa, Pugna, Pudge, Mirana, Keeper of the Light, Weaver, Leshrac.
    Remember, what your winrate and your db rating will decrease SIGNIFICANTLY, if you play some of these heroes in ranked/got high amount of games.
    [i] Please, press Alt+Enter.[/i]


    [b]WINNING[/b] team uses any charms/victory predictons that they have.
    NP's getting Gloves of Haste, skills Teleportation and tp'ing in circle here:
    If you go near that small line there's a high chance what fountain will kill you, so it's better not to get close to that point.

    Two people in your team should buy Basilius or Headress, go 4-man mid and push towers w/ auras. One of you(Lycan/Brood pref.) gets a tp, and tp's mid to kill 1 dire hero. Huskar with armlet can tank towers endlessly.
    NP is farming Maelstrom into Desolator by killing enemy heroes+couriers, couriers is your priority. Skillbuild 1-1-3-1. After you finished farming these 2 items you should join your team in pushing.
    That's all.

    [b]LOSING[/b] team [b]DOESN'T[/b] use their charms/predictions.
    Get a courier, and use it immediately. One of your team should tp mid, so he can feed lvl2 to enemy team.
    Anyone else goes from the base to die from NP. [b] DON'T USE ANY SKILLS ON NP [/b] and don't forget to buy more couriers if possible. You can use buyback after you died to increase NP's farming speed a little bit.
    After NP tp'd out - go 5 man top/bot, so you can get some exp. [b][i] If you will have 0 exp @ 5 min, game will not be counted, and you will get abandon[/b][/i].
    That's all.

    Repeat till ur done.

    Now let's talk about some small tricks.

    1) NP Gold Abuse.
    If you will get another Gloves of Haste for 500g, and sell it for full price(10 seconds time), you will get full refund. Therefore - you can increase ur farming speed by doing this trick. Consider 400ms ping (i recommend selling at 0:03). By doing this, you can get Desolator or Maelstrom A LOT faster than usual.

    2) T3 Smoke Abuse.
    You can get past T3 tower with any hero. You need to get a smoke, 1 Ring of Protection and a tp. If you're Dire - get to the Radiant Bottom T3 tower and vice versa. Dive to the tower, and run closer to the trees. Tower deals ~120 dmg. When you will have ~100 hp, you use your smoke AND STOP MOVING. Last 1-2 shots from the tower will be nullified.

    I guess that's all that i wanted to share.

    Note: if you're using this to inflate ur winrates on certain heroes to get into top100 db, calibrate ur smurf (you're not getting better, ur just delusional), or basically anything that could help you in rankeds - you should die from a brain cancer.

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      or u can just stack with someone and play nmm :d

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            Just rape on smurf Account and gift Sets to Main

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              Pale Mannie

                So you just name yourself ''charm abuse'' and go to an abuse lobby and find a game then finish early?

                Pale Mannie

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                    he just used bbcode commands tha are no longer active


                      rip oldschool bbcode, praise scraps for bbcode evangelion


                        I got like 10 sets from TI5 coin charms and prediction charms solely off the back of predicting wins while playing bloodseeker in 6.84.

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