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    At Dotabuff we've found the forums to be a great home for content and exciting discussion--involving in-game strategy, eSports gossip, improving MMR, and match feedback. At the same time, we also see our forums as a constructive environment, a friendly gathering place, where people can talk comfortably and build connections in the Dota community. Communities work best when people can treat each other with respect and courtesy. We would love to maintain this positive environment, and with that said, there are a few guidelines and rules of conduct to promote good discussion.

    Please take a moment to read through the Code of Conduct for the forums.

    If you come across a user who is violating this code of conduct, you can help by reporting the player via the button on their profile. We love to see great discussion on the forums, so lets all work together to make this a positive community. Thanks!

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      BBCode Guidelines:


      [b]This text will be bold[/b]
      This text will be bold

      [i]This text will be italicised[/i]
      This text will be italicised

      [s]This text will be struck-through[/s]
      This text will be struck-through

      [quote]This will quote something[/quote]
      This will quote something


      This will turn into a link: [url][/url]
      This will turn into a link:
      This will turn into a link:

      You can also name your links: [url=]Dotabuff[/url]
      You can also name your links: Dotabuff

      You can embed any image, tweets, and videos from certain providers: YouTube, Twitch and OddShot.






      Additionally, you can use all of the in-game emotes here as well. See the full list here.

      Code Blocks:

      [code]This will leave tags [b]untouched[/b] in a code block[code]

      This will leave tags [b]untouched[/b] in a code block
      Note the closing tag needs to have a closing slash: [/code]


      Special thanks to Melody's previous sticky that guided people on this forum for a very long time:

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