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      Abbadon with ulti?

      другой стиль

        Razor solo with stacks on ultimate?


          Omniknight with shard can solo kill tormentor. His second spell gives resist to reflection damage


            Naga Siren after she gets a Heart can also easily solo tormentors.


              meepo can with 3 meepos ez


                meepo, chaos knight, weaver


                  Lone Druid also good for solo Tormentor


                    Wraith King with 8 skeletons and Phase Boots/Armlet+one dmg item. Skeletons do not take dmg.
                    Lifestealer is also capable to do it with maxed out Rage and Armlet+one dmg item.
                    Lycan with maxed out howl and Helm of Overlord ancient creep.

                    new hope

                      Morphling can do it, I've done it couple times although it's a bit hard if you don't used to it


                        Meepo clears both with level 2 divided absurdly quick with very little health loss


                          I'd pick brood here

                          lysergic acid diethylamide

                            arc warden

                            RosHan Solo

                              Bristleback with nasal goo and shard is soo easy.

                              Cornelius Pudge

                                arc bristle razor alche all can do it at 20min. basically armor reduction or healing over time or damage block helps


                                  meepo easily soloes tormentor as soon as it spawns, with only 3 meepoes

                                  Player 101721021

                                    Slardar is easiest by far.

                                    ASA MITAKA

                                      Drow can take it too


                                        huskar with armlet


                                          As a sven main, you can solo tormentor whenever you want, but you have to commit ulti and have warcry on.

                                          Dr. Dreamer the Artisan

                                            Dazzle core, lv15 with Aghs and +80 attack speed talent can solo tormentor


                                              Huskar + armlet + skill = shard

                                              九层独壁草 [Loy]

                                                3 meepos just right click. no special strat. The Ransack can heal enough to tank.

                                                Orna Express

                                                  Meepo is the easiest imho.

                                                  Lvl 12 @20 min you stay full hp during the entire time so it's not even risky.


                                                    энчу все забыли((


                                                      drow ranger with aghanim can easily kill tornentor


                                                        Pugna can solo it too, just make sure you have enough mana.

                                                        TINY AIRLINES

                                                          omniknight, any hero with armor and assault cuirass, enchantress, lone druid

                                                          I'm saying everything from my own experience