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    omni enjoyer here lezgo

    Lirói Dinquins

      Disruptor after the extra damage on Glimpse would be an honorary mention imo.

      Snabriel Snarsch☕

        what about my boy warlock?


          Lol was there any other skill build on Dazzle? He is useless without maxed poison early.


            what about my boys Ogre?? Kappa

            MAYBE IT'S ME
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              low prio master

                Dazzle become my favorite pos 5 in recent years,hes just stronger and stronger,the thing i love on him as wisp with 2k games player is how strong his Laning is as a babysitter,also he have grave,spell worth support life.So yeah dazzle is best babysitter in the game rn.Im not talking pos 5 but babysit.

                ez enthusiast

                  Pls do a piece on Oracle


                    very surprised disruptor isnt here

                    TIER 10 POKI SIMP

                      how can you write this up when you haven't played since January. Are you playing on a smurf? do I have to post about your smurf on R/Dota2?


                        I cast professional Dota very regularly, so a lot of my ideas for posts come from that. Most notably, I was the official Div II SA caster for Tour 1, but for the most part I just do small third-party tournaments in the SEA region. I also keep an eye on professional and high level pub meta on a daily basis and monitor Dota-related media.

                        I haven't played since January for a simple reason of having a very bad post-batlle pass Dota fatigue. Cavern Crawls just killed all my enjoyment of the game, since I felt like I have to complete it because of FOMO, but I also really didn't want to play some of the heroes, since I am terrible at playing them or just don't get joy out of it. Cavern Crawl is second only to neutral items in how absolutely terrible it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                        Between that fatigue and waiting for a proper game-changing patch, I am on a bit of a break from playing the game, but I still engage with it regularly to understand what is what. Also I have ~17.5 years of Dota experience (played since 2005) so a lot of thinga and meta cycles aren't anything new to me.

                        NO NAME

                          i love dazzle


                            Where is rubick ???