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    Dark Willow. Love her versatility, but she's just been nerfed to oblivion with the cast point lag added to shadow realm. Take it off please! Still don't know why Gaben nerfed her despite having a winrate of below 50%, and a low pickrate.

    Oh, and... First?


      Good...good... Don't show any love for wd, don't let icefrog know how broken this hero is


        pos 4 Lina feels good to me right now with recent buffs


          Witchdoctor is one of the most effective supports for early midgame because of how strong maledict is by not allowing those squishy carries with few items but high mobility to escape as easily also getting a blink dagger and shadow amulet is all you need to set up early teamfights

          Il Separatio

            How are you going to assume that with Omniknight your str carry will have 10 debuffs on laning phase in order to have 200+ extra HP? .-.

            frances maya

              200 extra hp at lvl 1 Heavenly grace? lol This kawaiisocks guy is so funny


                Ok, here's some "complicated" math:

                Omniknight gives +8 Strength by default and +3 for every debuff removed. That is level one Heavenly Grace.
                It totals to 11 Strength if you remove a stun. Every point of Strength is 20 HP. So it gives 220 extra HP.

                Here is exactly the reason Omniknight is the poster boy for the most underrated hero/hidden gem of the patch. People refuse or are unable to do basic arithmetic and then don't believe the math when it's done for them.
                Naturally, when you use Heavenly Grace the teammate HP increases by a percentage, rather than in a flat manner. So, for example, if your teammate has 50% HP and one debuff when you cast Heavenly Grace his HP will go up by 110. Hence the distinction between HP gained and heal gained in the article.
                One interesting conclusion is that you typically want to use heal first and Heavenly second to maximize HP, though it might be too time-sensitive in the later stages of the game.

                Il Separatio

                  @KawaiiSocks: "though it might be too time-sensitive in the later stages of the game"

                  So what do you recommend?


                    @gyrocopter, late game is the most crucial wars, cause everyone use all best item, top level. Where, every move can cause significant lose, or win.


                      Dispel all the stuns ASAP so that your carry can press BKB he hopefuly has and then follow with GA)

                      Il Separatio

                        Thank you fam


                          Nyx first item blink legit bro

                          ЛОЛ 2

                            Heavenly grace is undispellable buff, check information before publishing


                              @Я Легенда!!! Tf are you on about? Heavenly Grace has been dispellable for a long while. Check information before writing a comment.