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    I want Luna support back.


      In my shit bracket the real king of this category is oracle!



        Cotton ,the toxic one

          Tbh im surprised kunkka isnt picked more . He is a decent mid and i think even good in offlane .He can ,more or less ,make almost any item, do decent dmg , have good teamfight , and be a generaly strong laner.

          mid tower defender

            i dont really know about kunkka bro, but i think the ms buff is a great leap to his gameplay, however im still sad about his ult when it used to be just 40 secs, and now its like probably 80 secs or smthng

            Cotton ,the toxic one

              His ult is strong as it is , lower cd might make it too strong . It has decent cd , dmg mitigation buff , stun and aoe , if ult like that has low cd or pierces spell immunity , it just becomes broken.


                now, now, now...don't be shy

                HAL 9000

                  Did anyone say ww?


                    Damn Alfad, you have a better WR in Wyvern than I do! Similar bracket too...def gonna take a peek at some of those games. Love that hero sm sm


                      ww is nerfed, first things with shard and lvl 20, I mean before you could do over 800 magical dmg already in min 20 with shard using just 2 spells, now she is more turned to healing, reduction of cd which is also good in combination with holy locket and once u got lvl 25 ahh bash time xD +if u got some neutral items for cd reduction, last game I did 53k heal in 45 min long game
                      But worst thing is just 2,5 sec of ulti I mean it's really a big nerf, so after some time experimenting on mid I back on support role and have to say that my win rate got higer.
                      I mean you can play mid ww until maybe 3300 mmr, but after that it's really hard to stay

                      HAL 9000
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                        HAL 9000

                          Redesign, keep going! This hero is for sure fun to play on any 2-5 role :-D

                          HAL 9000

                            Recent few games were just freewins, or weird comebacks, so not worth watching, i am sure :-D
                            I might play some decent game (at least one per 3-4-5 roles) on purpose, and send you replay IDs if you care

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                              no Lycan core?