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    I am spid

    Seroj Unchained

      Maining Leshrac since 6.84c, although on pos4 role. With just a little setup for the stun, he can obliterate most dual lanes easily, especially once you isolate the support (which happens quite often if the support doesn't want to ruin lane equilibrium). Besides being deceivingly high on damage, and fun to play, he also has some of the best voice lines.
      So to those underestimating Leshrac's power, he has one thing to say...
      A thousand of your kind have fallen before me!


        Lesh is a beast

        im going back to 505

          Lesh is extremely versatile on every position


            For the love of god they need to nerf Sven aghs + lvl 15 dispel talent, it's just too annoying and makes me ban Sven every single game

            i am playing dota 2

              very cool


                Batrider is way stronger as a mid imo; the hero can use a lot of levels to snowball effectively into the late game.


                  Отличная статья, хороший слог и содержание!