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    I know someone's going to give me shit but honestly given that the meta revolves around the ball busting offlane with beastmaster, venomancer, batrider and doom, these kind of heroes are not going to shine unless you itemize like shit and let them go past minute 25.
    Terrorblade, especially, give him dragonlance manta and level 15 talent and he's probably the one who can activate faster than the others, hence the pick rate
    I don't think Naga is on a bad spot as a character, I think when and if the meta changes to balance out some heros like Beastmaster, Venomancer and probably change Necronomicons or how Towers react to them or the god forsaken freeradiance of Doom at level 10 then yes, you'll probably see em more.

    edit: but by god are they the no-fun characters to play with and against them. Great as a design position, but good fucking god are they boring

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        Illusions have always been my least favourite dota specific game mechanic. I understand why they were in the game originally back in wc3 but they seem so clunky and lazy now. I'm not suggesting they get removed because they're a pretty huge part of the game but just saying im not a big fan.

        Im afraid of him



            Nice insights, I would like to hear something about Arc Warden.
            How he scales up with midas and split pushes like a boss


              I like most articles dotabuff posts, it is kinda dubious not to bring up CK here though imo, would have been curious on Kawaii's assessment of him, in particular considering CK changed the most recently compared to the AGI illusion heroes and that CK is the only true STR illusion hero.


                Honestly Naga Siren ult is hard to use on PUB games because it usually lack communication and might fuck other spell. even high ranked pubs messed up the timing sometimes. and her spike is not reliable when it is not use fast.






                      And no CK???


                        What about our boy ck? He's had a fair share of buffs and nerfs lately but I think he's been completely forgotten about and could be a lesser known power-house.


                          Please add Arc Warden + CK


                            maybe go make new account and calibrate to 2k archon again phahahahahah

                            doc joferlyn simp



                                just writing comment in order to see if i get this *star* icon after my nickname


                                  wow the system really estimated 5.6k trash rating as a high rating