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    Lord Griffith




        Von Darkmoor

          This is bullshit!! Fucking PA Lovers useless c*nt first choice.

          Havent changed and wont ever changed.
          Ever since the critt om stiffling the Hero has been and Will be Broken over powerd Pieces of shit.

          Just goes to show how often you play a support.

          And no the 99,6% are not in a profesional team that practice every Day thus able to counter it.

          Imo this statistics are hillarious considering pro's play ranked with Heros that got new arcanas etc and skewer the winpercent themself and by making thouands of copycat to mimic Them further skewing it.


            Mr.Von Darkmoor. Just play PA until you realize how weak and easily exploited she is. Magic damage, ethereals and MKB. If you really want to fuck PA really bad, just pick pugna. its that simple


              I'm guessing Voltaire isn't a support player because when even a trash pa can one shot you it is ono fun. No matter how often you shut a pa down early you are still just easy for them past about 20 minutes, and magic damage won't do shit while her bkb is on.

              And which player is going to pick pugna? unless you are playing against morons then either their 4th or 5th pick is PA, so who is going to be pugna? Your mid? Your carry? Mid Pugna maybe ok but I'd rather have a mid who doesn't have to stand still to use their ult.


                10k games and you are still crusader ?? No wonder you think PA is op LMAO


                  @Von Darkmoor, you literally need one item to counter PA which is truestrike then she gets smashed hard. And guess what that item is currently prolly the strongest carry item atm.


                    Are people really complaining about PA in 2020? This hero is a bitch if you have 0 map control and let her free farm while you think you are winning, but in fact you are just wasting time doing 5v4 and then she comes to kill you all.

                    It's not only an item thing. You need to positionate. I know dagger and blink both have a long range, but don't be in a spot she'll be happy to jump on you. Also until she gets basher you have time to stun her or glimmer yourself if she has a bkb.

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                      Give it some time, PA will be strong


                        Pa won't be strong until MKB gets changed


                          Your TI9 predict sucks

                          supp0rt picker

                            Usa and am is Op now . Cheaper fury is so good.


                              bitch the bear is mad and he's coming FOR YOU


                                As a support player my answer to enemy PA is usually glimmer, glimmer when she jumps you and ur usually safe. If she's carrying dust that's one less item she could be carrying in her item slot. Also stand behind your team, preferably among trees so she can't find you. I also try to pick a support with some form of disable (venge, ogre, wyvern, treant) so she can be checked during the mid game before bkb. The jungle items are important too, try to get as much tank as possible (armour and health) so she wastes time trying to kill you. I feel PA is not that strong early-mid game until she gets deso, so pressure her during that time as she's very squishy and does not deal a lot of damage even with level 2 crit.


                                  lmao just hides man, everyone be tilted against pa but staying in her vision lmao instead of going into trees, using glimmer, and ghost scepter


                                    Against PA as a support? Ghost scepter is your friend. Cheaper than glimmer, she can't use dust against it (90 gold is cheap). If she buy nullifier (almost 5k? Can't remember) just to jump on pos 5, you take her out of teamfight easily since your team then can target her after nullifier commitment

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                                    Acid Snow

                                      I haven't noticed longer games [maybe I've not paid enough attention], but great article, with good points. Thanks for the write up!


                                        A lot of people picked tanky heroes with multiple blademails thinking it was good. Now they are back to the old meta where mobility is still important but gotten squishy and riskier. There are no op items anymore, all of them seem overly balanced....


                                          lol noobs whining about Paper Assassin. A timeless tradition

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                                            notice 95% of people hating on PA are mostly archon or lower. their brains are too small to deal with her


                                              POS 3 ET crushes all metas