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    First time Im first.


      its feel good if offlaner finally can piss off enemy carry.

      aikyu3 SuBi ♪

        Ranked 69th Tidehunter here (I know, nobody cares). Tide is a shit hero now sad.


          Seriously offlaners only for durable heroes don't pick paper in off or ez lose early.


            The true change to the laning setup came when Bountys no longer give xp. Supports being lvl 4 at 15mins is an unacceptable side effect of the bounty runes change years ago. The bounty rune change also eliminated roaming.

            Veridis Quo

              Yeah, good job. But if you play in 2,5k trench - good luck to meet real offlaner. Every f**king game some retard will pick MEDUSA to offlane, or pick Snapfire, build maelstorm and deso and die first in every fight.

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                Or just play a safe lane carry in the offlane, or whatever the hell they wanted to play that day. I've seen offlane Invoker, Juggernaut, Anti-mage, Silencer, Spectre, Techies. Heck, I've even seen hard support Wraith King who acted surprised there was backlash to that pick. Ranked games are a mystery box ranging from decent games at best and absolute nightmares at worst, at least at low MMR brackets.

                Disgusting Little Freak

                  dual offlane became a thing because denies becoming 25% xp and rewarding hte denier with xp and later gold meant you were outleveld by both the carry and the support if you went solo. since then the game has just become more and more about lanes everywhere and it fucking blows lol

                  Gene Starwind

                    Pitlord is just so solid in pubs rn. Love'em.


                      Top 30 Beastmaster here. I am the best offlaner

                      Open BO / VCS

                        Role just for high bracket or guys with brain, aninal bracket no need this, u can found magina offlane in animal bracket

                        Pawley Lequa

                          judging this and that. You guys can visit 3Ice chanel and try repeat your words again.

                          TSSSS TSSSS TSSSS

                            Just pick bristleback free mmr


                              "patch 7.07 slightly over two years ago"

                              Patch 7.07 was 2 years ago? Oh god why is time passing so fast.

                              El Prez

                                nothing beats a good offlane stomp


                                  Ehh, that patch with Foid/WK offlane in every game was my fav. Hard lane was the easiest.


                                    Nice article. Couldnt agree with it more, especially how it turned from a strictly playmaking, stunning role to a 3rd core of sorts. It is good how nowadays you have a bit of dual laning and a bit of solo laning, and a large hero pool to pick from for offlaners.


                                      Your TI9 predict sucks